Coles vs Woolworths: Hilarious debate strikes a chord with Aussie shoppers

Two Aussie comedians have left the internet in stitches after posting a video engaging in one of Australia's most classic debates: Is Woolworths better than Coles?

Lachlan Fairbairn and his brother Jaxon, who hail from Murray Bridge in South Australia, are a duo primarily known for their comedy sketches on TikTok and YouTube, where they've amassed a huge following.

They've previously made skits about a number of everyday topics that range from fuel prices to everyday rivalries, such as this recent clip which garnered over 2.4 million views in under two days.

Comedic duo Lachlan and Jaxon Fairbairn debating whether Woolworths or Coles is better
Comedic duo Lachlan and Jaxon Fairbairn's argument over Woolworths and Coles has gone viral. Credit:@lachlanfairbairn/TikTok

'Great green palace of Woolworths'

In the video captioned: "Woolies clearly goated?", the brothers crossed swords over which one of the supermarket giants reigns supreme, with Jaxon on Coles' side while Lachlan is rooting for Woolworths.

"Hey Lachlan, can you help me bring some groceries in?" the sketch starts off.

"Oh nice. You go to Woolies?" Lachlan responds to his brother's request, before pausing upon realising Jaxon went to Coles. "You're kidding me?"


"Why the f**k did you shop at Coles?" Lachlan retorts.

Jaxon, who argues that he has always shopped at Coles, asks what was wrong with shopping there.

"What's wrong with Coles? It's like a cattle-shed in there. It's like a barnyard," Lachlan replies. "Last time I was there, someone barked at me."

The duo's argument moves on to the pros and cons of shopping at each supermarket, with Jaxon saying Coles "has decent prices and even has even decent-er bargains".

"That’s the same thing."

"Coles has a banging tiramisu."

"Woolies has a banging mudcake," Lachlan argues.

"That’s a f***ing lie and you know it," Jaxon snaps back.

The brothers continue debating over a number of subjects, with Jaxon frequently interjecting: "You take that back!" while Lachlan defends his "great green palace of Woolworths".

Viewers weigh in to Coles vs Woolies debate

The brothers' video struck a chord with many viewers, including those who aren't even aware of the Coles-Woolworths supermarket rivalry.

"I have no idea where either of these places are but I'm on Woolies side," one amused viewer commented.

"Woolies is the best. When I started shopping there, I became a better version of myself," another person wrote, to which Lachlan replied, "That’s deep".

"I don't even talk to my mother but I feel like I should send her this," added a third.

The debate continued, with over 6,700 comments from viewers siding with Coles, Woolies or even Aldi and IGA.

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