Woolworths shopper exposes secret 'Harry Potter' door at end of aisle

An eagle-eyed shopper has leaked footage of a secret door hidden at Woolworths, and it has been staring us right in the face all this time.

Video exposing the location of the secret door, which was shared by an Aussie TikTok user, has already been viewed over 109,000 times and has garnered over 550 likes since it was posted the day before.

Captioned "The sneaky buggers", TikToker @bdothoffman revealed a secret door hidden right in the middle of supermarket, specifically at the end of an aisle where gift cards are displayed.

Woolworths employee opening and closing hidden door in aisle display
An eagle-eyed shopper revealed a hidden door found in every Woolworths store that most of us never even knew was there. Credit: @bdothoffman/TikTok

In the video, a Woolies worker is seen opening the little-known door, revealing shelves with stationary and a box in it, before promptly closing it again and securing the latch at the top right-hand side.

'Harry Potter' cupboard

The hidden door may be a surprise to many of us, however what is clear is that it is an open secret among Woolies staff, as some TikTokers revealed that these hidden-within-plain-sight cupboards are there to store stock.

"Coles gift card section is the same and we store extra stock there," one viewer commented.

"A lot of the ends have hidden doors as well to store the shelves of them [sic]," someone else chimed.

"Lol we used to call it the Harry Potter cupboard," wrote another.

More hidden doors

It isn't unusual for supermarkets and other retailers to utilise "hidden" storage solutions, with concealed doors that lead into supply rooms.

One supermarket in Las Vegas, Nevada, went viral last year after word got out that there was a secret art gallery behind a chiller cabinet in the store. It turned out to be an immersive art experience called Omega Mart.

Meanwhile in Perth, locals have discovered a whole bar and music venue hidden behind a drinks fridge door in a convenience store.

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