'Ghost town': Creepy $2 billion abandoned resort goes viral

A TikTok video has exposed an eerie "ghost town", which has been left decaying for over ten years.

In the video, Carrie, or @carriejernigan1, shared footage of the abandoned lots, which were once promised to be a luxurious estate.

Carrie explains every time she drives by Branson, Missouri, she passes by the abandoned subdivision, once poised to be the Indian Ridge Resort.

The "ghost town" known as the Indian Ridge Resort in Branson, Missouri, has gone viral on TikTok. Source: TikTok/carriejernigan1

"This was supposed to be a $1.6 billion ($A2.1 billion) resort community," she explains in the TikTok video.

"It was going to have one of the country's largest water parks, golf courses, hotels, conference centres and shopping — but instead it turned into a ghost town when the 2008 housing crisis hit."

Carrie also explains people ended up in federal prison, according to KYTV, or given probation for their involvement of the development of the resort.

The video shows the decaying mansions in the subdivision, completely abandoned, making for some eerie footage.

Many found the abandoned lot quite creepy.

One person said they have been to the estate themselves and have had nightmares about the experience in the past.

"I've been here at night and it's the worst feeling of fear I've ever felt," they said.

"I have nightmares of this place."

Others were disappointed to see the homes go to waste, saying they could be used to house the homeless.

"Why don't they use those houses for our homeless vets living in the streets," one person commented.

"We live in a selfish society, it's all about money, no sign of humanity anymore."

In response to this, Carrie made another video explaining she will match donations up to $5000, to help homeless veterans.

The initial video of Indian Ridge Resorts has been viewed over 14 million times since it was uploaded earlier this week.

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