Family discover hidden room behind fake wall: 'Holy s**t'

A family in the United States has made a shocking discovery after moving into a new home, uncovering a fake wall containing a hidden room with rations and medical supplies inside.

The family, from Nevada, discovered the room when they realised the window ended only a few centimetres from the wall, but the end of the house — from the outside — was more than a metre from the window.

Intrigued about the extra space, they decided to investigate what it was for.

"So we're gonna cut a hole in the wall and find out why it was cut off," TikTok user stinknjeepn said in a video documenting the discovery.

They differences with the wall on the outside and the inside (pictured) led to the hidden room find.
A strange inconsistency with the window led the family to find the hidden room. Source: TikTok/ stinknjeepn

"We're gonna try find out why it was closed off and see what's behind it," she said.

'It's a doomsday room'

The video then cut to a man — presumably the woman's father — cutting a hole in the wall with an electric saw.

Once a small hole was cut, the user stuck the camera through, showing what appears to be some sort of pantry.

"There's an empty shelf here," she said panning across the floor-to-ceiling shelving.

"Then on this side, there's a shelf with a couple of boxes," she continued. "They've got labels on them but I can't tell what it is".

In a second video, the family cut a bigger hole and climbed inside the hidden room.

They found large plastic containers filled with medical supplies, canned and dried food and water, leading them to believe it was a doomsday prepper's pantry.

"This is a doomsday room," the man tells his wife, who exclaims: "holy s**t".

Shelving and plastic boxes were found in the hidden room.
When they got in, the family found shelving and rations. Source: TikTok/ stinknjeepn

The videos have amassed millions of views and thousands of comments, with social media users desperate to find out more.

In a follow up video, the user said the house had been built in 2004 and purchased by her parents in 2019.

They had contacted the previous owners, who had no idea it existed.

She explained there was a door, disguised as a shelving unit in the garage, which is how the room is accessed.

She also said her dad plans on removing the wall and expanding the garage for extra space.

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