Tradie finds 'creepy' face in wall of 100-year-old home: 'HORROR MOVIE'

A tradie renovating a 100-year-old home has made a creepy discovery that has shocked the internet.

The tradesman explained they had been hired to remodel a home built in the 1920s and while they were patching up the wall, they noticed a 'face' in the plaster.

The man described the oddity as "some type of protrusion" or perhaps a bubble in the paint and explained it was about one inch wide and about two inches in length.

"When I took a closer look I noticed the facial features," the tradie said.

"It was covered in layers of paint but I could clearly tell it was a face. I was tempted to remove it and clean it up to see what it was but I thought that I'd ask the homeowner first."

Pictured is the
The lump on the wall, which looked like a face, had people curious, with some saying it was "creepy". Source: Facebook/Things Found in Walls - and Other Hidden Findings

It turns out the homeowner had grown up in the house and "recalled" seeing the lump on the wall.

However, they asked for the face-like lump to be painted over and the tradie obliged.

"To this day, I am still curious about the face hidden underneath the paint," they said.

One person in the comments said it did look like a face, however they thought it could perhaps be an old light switch. Another person said it could be an old school bell.

However, the fact that the homeowner had asked the tradie to leave it alone led some people to get suspicious.

Many people remarked that the lump looked like Alfred Hitchcock, but most people thought it was perhaps a doll head or some type of mask, hence the facial features.

"It's probably a doll head. Creepy," one person said.

"Pretty sure you escaped starring in a horror movie," another person remarked.

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