Man's shocking discovery behind pantry's wobbly wall

A TikTok user has filmed the puzzling moment he discovered a hidden room in apartment.

Logan Hunter noticed the wall inside his pantry was suspiciously flimsy and decided to investigate further.

(left) a screenshot of Mr Logan as he speaks to the camera (right) a close up on his hand as he demonstrates on flimsy the wall of his pantry is. TikTok/loganhunter_p
A TikTok user has been left puzzled after discovering a set of secret stairs that lead to an entire room he never knew existed. Source: TikTok/loganhunter_p

“I realised that this wall is really wobbly, there's nothing behind it. So I’m going to take it apart and see what we can find,” he told his TikTok followers in the first of a two-part series.

Mr Hunter, from the United States, is then seen removing a light switch cover and a piece of wood to easily peel back part of the plywood wall.

“After only just doing that, it’s coming off,” he said.

The camera points forward as he peeks behind the wall, exposing a set of secret steps that head towards the ceiling he never knew existed.

But that’s where he ended the now viral video.

My Logan wrote in the caption he had to go to work, leaving his viewers curious about what was at the top.

As promised, he continued the secret room saga when he returned.

In a separate clip, he squeezes behind the tight opening and begins to explore the dark and mysterious space.

“Oh god, this is scary… very spooky,” he says as he begins to climb up the stairs.

“These stairs are actually kind of nice and sturdier than I thought they’d be”.

(left) a screenshot showing the secret stairs (right) a screenshot of Mr Logan as he speaks to the camera in the second viral video. TikTok/loganhunter_p
The puzzling discovery was spilt into a two-part video series which went viral on TikTok, attracting more than 18,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Source: TikTok/loganhunter_p

He made the observation that it could be a good place to hide things.

“Which might be good or bad, depending on what we find,” he added.

As he climbs further up, he uncovers an entirely new room, which he described as “cute”.

The empty space was covered in dust with boarded up windows and a bucket of woodchips on the floor.

“Why would they have this closed off? You can even stand up.” he questioned.

Mr Hunter then gave the camera a huge smile and thumbs up.

(left) a screenshot showing the dusty, empty space with a pair of paint tins in the corner (right) a screenshot showing a bucket of woodchips TikTok/loganhunter_p
Mr Logan discovered a bucket of woodchips on the floor of the dusty space. Source: TikTok/loganhunter_p

The post sparked intrigue and speculation, with many viewers agreeing it was a fun discovery.

“The landlord probably didn’t want to invest in making it liveable so closed it off,” commented one TikTik user.

While some warned him to be careful and watch out while inspecting his new space.

“It could be closed off due to lead paint, asbestos insulation, or other serious toxins and health hazards,” another said.

One person even made a claim they saw somebody in the corner.

“I hope you’re joking,” Mr Logan responded.

Dozens expressed interest in seeing how he transforms the room into a nice living area.

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