Puzzling find in new home's master bedroom

A mysterious find in a woman's bedroom has become the source of deep intrigue and speculation after she shared photos of the unusual object online.

The woman, who lives in Las Vegas, in the US state of Nevada, posted photos of it to Facebook seeking answers.

“This is installed in the master bathroom of our new home,” she wrote.

“It's in the wall on both sides so it's accessible from the bathroom and my closet. Can anyone tell me what this is for?”

A cable pass through outlet is pictured in a home.
Do you know what purpose this serves? Source: Facebook/ Tiffani Kelly

Some silly viewers offered amusing answers. Some suggested it’s so people on either side of the wall can stick their fingers through and touch each other.

Others theorised, since it appears to have bristles like on the end of a brush, it could be used for cleaning items such as rings. That's fairly practical.

“It's there so you can spray air freshener into the bathroom without exposing yourself to noxious poo fumes,” one man wrote.

Another man offered a suggestion which would probably have some people running for their lives if they had moved into this domicile.

“Those are spider grooming stations/room access ports. They're kinda like those automatic car washes...but for spiders,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, the answer is far less interesting than a finger-touching feature or a spider-cleaning machine.

The woman wrote it’s accessible from the bathroom and her closet.

What the item actually does

Many eagle-eyed readers managed to sniff this one out.

“It's for running cables. We have these at work so that we can run a variety of cables and access them easily without having them hanging out of the wall,” one woman wrote.

Presumably, this is for if someone using the bathroom needs to run a cable for an electric toothbrush or a hair dryer. It was likely installed because there were not enough power outlets in the bathroom.

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