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Strange revelation after man's 'creepy' find 'all over' property

An odd discovery on a property's estate was made even stranger when commenters suggested what the interesting find could actually be.

Monica Smith was shocked when her brother and sister-in-law found several casts of human faces buried on their property in the US state of California.

Ms Smith posted the photos of the masks to the Facebook page Things Found in Walls and Other Hidden Things where it sparked an intense conversation over the origins of the faces.

The masks of teh human faces were found on a property in California.
The human faces were found on a property in California. Source: Facebook (Facebook)

Some declared the casts to be "creepy" while others marvelled over the strange discovery.

Commenters were confused about what the masks could be

Close to 5000 people liked the photos with almost 2000 people commenting on the unusual find, with the majority saying they looked like "death masks".

"What eerie treasure!" one woman gushed, declaring the find "incredible".

"I love it!! So, are they make-up mask bases, life or death masks? Either way, this is a creepy and awesome find. So COOL!"

"I spoke with a friend, and showed her the photos...she said they are death masks, probably done by a mortician to make side money, because death masks usually were done for only famous people," another said.

Some users declared masks
Some users declared the find "creepy" while others thought it was "incredible". Source; Facebook (Facebook)

However, an update from the poster had some suggesting the previous owners could have worked in a creative industry.

"Apparently at some point, the place was a retreat of some sort with treehouses or something," Ms Smith wrote in a comment.

"There is an old pay phone and booth.. phones in trees .. every time he goes to clean up an area he finds something new and odd."

Another woman shared a similar story with a less-terrifying ending.

"My son and his friend found one of these in the woods in our neighborhood, it was a cast to make masks for a horror film that someone was involved in," she explained. "They dumped it in the woods when they were done."

What is a death mask?

Death masks date all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

According to the Australian Museum website, death masks were made to capture the subject's facial expression immediately after death.

The website says it was important to make death masks quickly before the features became distorted.

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