TikTok user claims dream led to bizarre secret door discovery

A salon owner in the US has made an eerie discovery after allegedly having a strange dream about a secret door hidden behind a mirror in her business.

Miranda, known as @hippieloumom on TikTok, has shared a four-part series on the platform, detailing how her mother came to discover a bizarre secret door.

In the first TikTok video uploaded in mid-March, Miranda explains how her mother came to find the hidden door in the salon.

"So my mum had a dream that at her salon there was a hidden door and sure enough, she just found a hidden door," she explains while her mother is seen peeling away the wall to expose the door.

"What the hell is this?" she says when the wall is gone. Underneath is nothing but a black door.

A woman found a hidden door
The TikTok user claims her mum found a "secret door" at her salon after a creepy dream. Source: TikTok/hippieloumom

Miranda's mother starts banging on the door, which is totally solid.

"She dreamed that dead bodies were back here," the TikToker says in the clip.

Some people in the comments suggested it was actually just a wall, due to the lack of doorknobs, though others were intrigued by the discovery which allegedly has a connection to a chilling piece of local folklore.

The 'haunted' Rogers Hotel

In subsequent videos Miranda explains her mother's Salon is actually connected to a hotel, which she described as haunted, joking that she is pretty sure her mother is "possessed by a ghost" due to the dream she had.

In one TikTok video, Miranda delves into some stories about the so-called Rogers Hotel.

"It was built back in the 1800s, it was rebuilt in 1912 — it burnt down twice, so when they rebuilt it in 1920, they rebuilt it completely out of concrete," she said.

"The guy who used to own that hotel, the way he rebuilt it is he put a pool in the basement, and his own daughter drowned in the pool ... so people say they see puddles of water everywhere and they see the child's silhouette."

The Rogers Hotel in Texas is reportedly haunted, though now it has been converted into commercial space. Source: Trip Advisor
The Rogers Hotel in Texas has a reputation of being haunted among some, although now it has been converted into a commercial space. Source: Trip Advisor

The Rogers Hotel has garnered a reputation online for supposedly being haunted.

Paranormal photographer, Michael Graves, told CW33 back in 2015 the Chicago White Sox baseball team used to train at the hotel, so the swimming pool was specifically built in the basement.

Mr Graves also confirmed a little girl did drown in the hotel's pool.

According to CW33, there is a legendary encounter at the hotel involving a maintenance worker who was led down to the basement by a man wearing 1920s clothing.

"Very bad things have happened here," the man reportedly said to the maintenance worker, before disappearing.

Other ghostly folktales persist, allegedly stemming from people who claim to have had eerie encounters in the building.

Some guests say they have been taken down to the basement in the elevator, without electing to do so and others reported door handles mysteriously jiggling.

The building is no longer used as a hotel, but does serves as a commercial and retail venue.

Miranda's first video racked up more than nine million views on the popular app while the others in the series have also been quite popular.

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