Coles reignites Little Shop frenzy with $10,000 incentive

Just when you thought the Coles Little Shop promotion was drawing to an end, the supermarket giant has announced a new competition to reignite the frenzy.

Coles is looking for the Ultimate Little Shopper – and if that’s you, you could win free groceries for a year valued at $10,000.

Shoppers have been inundating supermarkets around the country ever since Coles launched 30 miniature toys to collect in mid-July.

For every $30 spent at the checkout, customers are given one collectable item.

Interest in the Coles Little Shop promotion is set to continue after a $10,000 competition was added to the campaign.

Alongside the mini toys is a rare mini Red Hand, which comes with a $100 Coles gift card.

To be in the running for the competition, entrants need to upload a photo or video to Instagram and in 25 words or less explain why they are Australia’s Ultimate Little Shopper.

More than 30 entries have already been posted to the social media site, including creative entries from artists and adorable submissions from children.

One of the entries for the Coles Ultimate Little Shopper competition. Source: Instagram/rtist_
One participant included their dogs in their entry. Source: Instagram/teddy.the.chi
Another entrant got creative with their extra collectables. Source: Instagram/crystal_cameron

The winner will be announced on September 10, one day before the Little Shop promotion officially draws to an end.

The collectables have produced a cult-like following in young children and their parents since its launch. Some schools have even been forced to ban the items after reports of children stealing from each other.

The supermarket giant received backlash over the items, which were released just days after announcing a ban on single-use plastic bags.

But the uproar wasn’t enough to stop Coles marking a recent rise in their profits.

Some complete sets of collectables have been selling online for up to $1000.