The Coles Little Shop hotspots where you are most likely to snap up rare toy

It is considered the jewel in the crown, the rarest Coles Little Shop collectable of them all, and now the best spots to get the elusive miniature have been revealed.

There are only days until the Little Shop promotion ends and that is how long people have to find a Coles red hand miniature, which comes with a $100 gift voucher.

Only 1000 of them were made but about 400 are yet to be collected.

“It’s a rare mini and it’s something that people can really be excited about,” Coles’s Martine Alpins said.

The hotspots to collect the Coles Little Shop red hand collectables has been revealed. Source: 7 News/ Coles
It can be revealed where to find the rarest Coles Little Shop collectable of all – the red hand. Source: 7 News/ Coles

But Seven News can reveal a number of hot spots collectors might be able to find the red hand collectable.

In Queensland, shoppers can try Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the border to NSW, collectors should hit up Casula in Sydney’s southwest.

Victorians are recommended to look in Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne’s southwest.

Anyone after the little red hand in Adelaide can check out Reynella, while Perth collectors should head to Ocean Keys shopping centre in Clarkson, north of the CBD.

The hotspots to collect the Coles Little Shop red hand collectables has been revealed.
The Coles Little Shop promotion has been described as a ‘juggernaut’. Source: 7 News

Coles stores have been the busiest in two years.

Simon Downes, from financial comparison website Canstar, described the promotion as “an absolute juggernaut”.

“I don’t think we’ve seen anything like this before and I think it’s going to be really hard to repeat again,” Mr Downes said.

The promotion will end with a bang too.

Coles has just launched an online photo contest for the country’s most colourful collector who will receive a year’s worth of groceries for nothing.

The Coles Little Shop red hand collectable comes with a $100 gift voucher. Source: 7 News
The Coles Little Shop red hand collectable comes with a $100 gift voucher. Source: 7 News

While the supermarket has received criticism for introducing the miniatures amid the decision to ban single-use plastic bags, some people have found a use for them beyond being collectables.

A Victorian organisation that specialises in helping people with disabilities has been overwhelmed by the response they got after asking for unwanted Coles Little Shop Collectables.

As it turns out, the miniature items are not just the obsession of small children and the nightmare of pestered parents – they can also help people who have trouble communicating.

Sunbury-based disability service provider Distinctive Options in Melbourne has started using the miniature products as “visual cues” for disabled people when they go shopping, or to a cafe or if they need reminders to carry out everyday tasks.

But the collectables have also outraged a number of parents.

An angry dad took to Facebook last month to vent his fury over having to collect Coles Little Shop miniatures for his little girl.

Father-of-two Greg Hughes, who blogs on the page Dad Minus One, has labelled the Coles marketing team as a “cunning group of evil geniuses” and said he has been left in “the depths of despair”.

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