Little Shop chaos to continue as Coles extends collectables promotion

The Little Shop collectables chaos is tipped to continue as Coles extends the promotion to allow desperate shoppers more time to complete sets of the miniature items.

Customers have been inundating supermarkets around the country, spending the required $30 ever since Coles launched the 30 miniature toys to collect in mid-July.

Australians have been sent into a frenzy, taking to Facebook swap groups to try and get their hands on mini Vegemite, Nutella and even Dettol hand wash before the campaign’s end, initially slated for next Tuesday.

The Coles Little Shop mini collectables promotion has been extended.
The Coles Little Shop mini collectables promotion, due to end on August 28, has been extended. Source Coles

Due to “overwhelming popularity” Coles today announced it would extend the Little Shop giveaway across Australia for another few weeks, until stocks last.

Coles Chief Operating Officer, Greg Davis, said customers are having fun collecting and swapping the miniatures.

“We’ve heard stories about how Little Shop has created mini communities with friends, families,
neighbours and work colleagues all helping each other collect,” Mr Davis said.

The Coles Little Shop mini collectables promotion has been extended, with 600 red hands to find.
There are still 600 of the mini red hands to find, with a $100 shopping voucher included in each. Source: Coles

“We are delighted to be able to continue the campaign for customers who have told us they
need more time to complete their sets.”

The most sought-after item in the promotion are the 1000 mini red hands, inspired by the long-running ‘down, down’ advertising campaign, that also come with a $100 supermarket gift card. Coles today confirmed there were about 600 of the golden ticket times still left to find.