Coles customer slams 'simply unacceptable' online delivery

A concerned customer has slammed a NSW Coles for "unacceptable" service following a botched Click and Collect order.

The customer placed a Click and Collect order with her local Coles store, noting that upon delivery some items were missing.

The customer, who did not wish to be named, reached out to Yahoo News Australia on Sunday to describe the situation.

“I rang customer care to be told it would be a 3.5 hour wait,” she said.

A woman loading a Coles Click and Collect order into a car. Source: Getty Images
A Coles shopper (not the woman pictured) says she received 'simply unacceptable' Click and Collect service. Source: Getty Images, file photo

“I then rang the store directly, spoke to the store manager and stated that a number of my items were missing and I could see from my bank account that I had been charged the full amount of the order.

“The store manager screamed at me saying she knew more about what I had been charged than I did,” the customer said.

The customer was then told that her items were in the store’s freezer and required her collection.

A worker loads a Coles Click and Collect order into a car boot. Source: Getty Images
The woman was yelled at after complaining that some of her Click and Collect order was missing. Source: Getty Images, file photo

“Obviously I couldn’t go back to the store that day due to the public health orders in Sydney,” the customer said.

The next day the woman’s son went into the store to pick up the missing groceries and was given the incorrect items.

“We had to go to the store again and show them their latest mistake, only to finally be given the correct items,” the customer said.

Coles store front. Source: Getty Images
Shoppers have criticised the store's handling of its online shopping system. Source: Getty Images

The customer slammed Coles’ handling of the situation in the wake of NSW’s Covid-19 outbreak.

“The tragic thing is that we are forced to go back into a supermarket, leaving our home, and risk catching the Covid virus, because of Coles’ carelessness and lack of decent customer service.

“This is simply unacceptable,” she said.

Coles has recently launched alternatives to their Click and Collect service, including an initiative called Click and Collect Rapid where customers can collect their groceries within 90 minutes of ordering online.

Customers slam ‘pathetic’ delivery service on social media

Many frustrated customers have also taken to Facebook to slam Coles’ home delivery and Click and Collect services.

“Our order was supposed to arrive last night between 8 and 9pm. It is now 10am and I haven’t heard anything yet the money has been deducted from our account,” one customer said.

“I placed my online order yesterday to Click and Collect and today I got an email saying the order was cancelled but there is a hold for the amount on my account,” said another.

“I was meant to get a delivery between 7 and 8am this morning and it hasn’t come, I have been on hold for 1.5 hours and no one is answering,” wrote a third.

Other customers have taken to the grocer’s Facebook page with photographs of website error messages.

A Coles customer has shared an error screen which they got during an online order. Source: Facebook
A Coles customer has shared an error screen which they got during an online order. Source: Facebook

Another customer was frustrated after losing their online trolley due to a website error.

“I called this morning and the solution was to wait until Tuesday as I had ‘lost my spot’.

"I was offered $20 and told to go to the shop during a pandemic,” the customer wrote.

“Have solutions and systems in place to support your customer support team. Absolutely pathetic,” they said.

Coles has also come under fire on social media from customers slamming the grocer for excessive plastic use and late online shopping deliveries.

Coles weighs in on lockdown shopping

A Coles spokesperson has told Yahoo News Australia that the grocer is sympathetic to their customer’s frustrations.

“We understand how frustrating it is when an order is incomplete, especially as some people can’t shop in store right now,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re doing our best to maintain consistent supply, with regular deliveries into all of our NSW stores.

"We’re urging everyone to shop as they would normally shop – there is no need to panic buy.

"Our stores will remain open during the lockdown."

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