Coles customer's special way of thanking essential workers

A grateful Coles customer has posted a TikTok showing her unique way of thanking essential workers at her local store.

TikTok user Lisa Biscoff (@lisabiscoff) posted a video on Wednesday, telling her 101,000 followers to "be kind".

The 55 second video shows Ms Biscoff holding a box of Twirl chocolates and speaking to the camera in the Coles Willowdale store in south west Sydney.

“I’m in Coles and it’s a day to do something nice,” she says in the video.

“All these Twirls, I’m buying them and giving them to the staff members.”

TikTok video stills showing a woman holding a pack of Twirls. Source: TikTok/@lisabiscoff
Individual Twirls retail at $2 each at Coles. Source: TikTok/@lisabiscoff

“You know why? Because during tough times like these you need to do something kind for others,” she says.

“I hope you enjoy them, Coles!”

The second half of the video shows Ms Biscoff purchasing the items and telling the attendant at the checkout that the chocolates are a gift.

“Put them in the staff room for everyone,” she says.

“Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you,” the attendant replies.

Ms Biscoff told Yahoo News Australia that the attendant was so thankful that she gave her a hug, and upon returning to the store the next day, other staff members approached her and thanked her for the gesture.

“The workers do so much for us and have to deal with so much disrespect and hate,” she said.

“I’m just about making people smile - doing something nice for someone else, even though it’s small, can really turn their day around.”

TikTok reacts to ‘beautiful’ gesture

TikTok users have taken to the comments section to commend Ms Biscoff for her act of kindness to her local Coles team.

“You are so amazing and generous,” said one person.

“That is so kind of you to do that,” commented another.

“Absolutely beautiful gesture,” wrote a third.

Another TikTok user took to the comments section to tell Ms Biscoff that her video had inspired them.

“I am going to do this and give one to all the people that I see,” they wrote.

The TikTok user spreading kindness

Viral TikToker Lisa Biscoff has spoken to Yahoo News about a series of generous acts she’s undertaken in her mission to spread kindness.

“Before the lockdown restrictions I was in Penrith and I bought a few cupcakes and went to Penrith police station and gave them to the officers,” she said.

“They were very grateful and said that it made their day.”

Ms Biscoff also previously went viral on TikTok as a video of her thanking Coles workers by gifting them a box of KitKats.

“I don’t have a lot of money myself,” she told Yahoo News.

“I have a mortgage, three kids and a small business.”

“But making someone else smile means a lot to me,” she said.

“It’s just about making people smile.”

Recent reports have also shown that retailers are returning the favour, with an increase in customers receiving handwritten notes, flowers and chocolates in their grocery deliveries.

A Coles team in Penrith also recently banded together to give a sweet Fathers Day gift to a local father who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

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