Coles shopper's generous gift to essential workers praised

A Coles customer’s random act of kindness has brightened up people’s social media feeds and prompted a wave of praise.

Lisa Biscoff (@lisabiscoff) posted a nine second video to her TikTok channel yesterday, outlining the act.

The video is hashtagged #sydneylockdown, with the caption “it’s time to say thank you”.

The video pans over a box of KitKat chocolate bars, with the song Be Strong by Delta Goodrem playing in the background.

From behind the camera, Ms Biscoff narrates the video.

“Just bought this whole stack of KitKats from Coles.”

Pile of Kit Kat bars with the text 'thank you essential workers' underneath. Source: TikTok @lisabiscoff
The woman thanked essential workers in her video. Source: TikTok @lisabiscoff

“I’m giving them to the store manager and she’s going to distribute them to her workers,” she says.

“Thanks Coles, keep up the good job.”

Ms Biscoff’s video follows New South Wales’ latest lockdown announcement, after 344 Covid-19 cases were recorded in the past 24 hours.

In light of the lockdowns, supermarket panic buying has ensued throughout New South Wales over the past week, with long lines and out of stock items frustrating customers.

Ms Biscoff told Yahoo News Australia that there were 32 chocolate bars in total that were gifted to the Coles team.

She also said the store manager told her: "thank you so much, you know you didn't have to", to which she replied: "I know I don't have to, but I want to."

Ms Biscoff has posted similar videos in the past where she has advocated for essential workers.

While getting her Covid jab, she posted a video where she stated “can people please understand that these essential workers are trying to help us, risking their lives everyday.”

In a separate video, she referenced an Instagram post by Billie Eilish which encouraged people to get vaccinated.

TikTok delighted by woman’s act

The video detailing a random act of kindness at a Coles store has attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments on TikTok.

Many TikTok users are commending Ms Biscoff for her generosity.

“I work at Coles - this is amazing," said one person.

Coles supermarket at Brandon Park shopping centre in Glen Waverley.
A woman has been praised for her generous act for Coles employees. Source: Getty Images

“I wish every customer was like you,” commented another.

“Great job being a good citizen,” wrote a third.

Other heartwarming acts have also been praised on social media, with a customer recently praising a Sydney Coles store for their impressive response to an elderly person in distress.

TikTokers shine light on essential workers

Another person in the comments section commended Ms Biscoff for posting the video, in light of a negative experience she had as an essential worker.

“Love what you did - I had a lady yell at me and call me all names in the book the other day because I wouldn’t pull my mask down to speak to her,” the person commented.

TikTok users replied to this comment, highlighting the struggle of essential workers.

“My store had to implement a new approach because of how we get treated during the pandemic,” said one person.

“So many staff have quit because of the customers during the lockdowns and the pandemic,” commented another.

The National Retail Association’s Essential Workers website states that essential workers are copping increased abuse from customers, with 88 per cent of retail workers having reported abuse by customers.

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