Coles shopper praises 'amazing' act of customers and staff

A Sydney woman has praised the kindness shown by shoppers and staff at Coles when her mother lost her purse.

The Sutherland Shire woman shared the heartwarming story to Facebook, where she voiced her gratitude to the staff and shoppers of Coles Caringbah who came to the aid of her elderly mother.

“I am so thankful for all the beautiful people in the Shire that look out for each other and help a person in need when they can,” wrote the woman in her post.

She told the story of how her 81-year-old mother, who ventured to the shops to buy her own groceries after 35 days spent indoors, only to lose her purse with her entire pension inside.

Coles store open to shoppers at dusk. Source: Getty Images
A Sydney woman has praised Coles shoppers and staff for 'amazing' act. Source: Getty Images

“She managed to lose her whole purse with $500 cash in it... her whole pension money,” wrote the Shire woman.

It wasn’t until the woman’s mother reached the counter to pay for her groceries that she realised she had lost her purse.

“She got so distressed and anxious about losing her purse and not being able to pay for her groceries that she fainted!” she said.

Thankfully, some kind-hearted men helped the distraught woman to a chair where she waited for her family to arrive.

Coles staffer serves customer at checkout. Source: Getty Images
Coles shoppers and staff stepped in to help the distraught customer. Source: Getty Images

“Thank you also to all the caring staff at Caringbah Coles that looked after her until we could get there,” said the woman.

“But more so, thank you to a beautiful young lady, Rebecca, who drove to mum’s house and back to the shops to find my mum and return her purse.”

She applauded the “amazing and caring young lady” who returned her mother’s purse and revealed that the experience made her proud to be part of the Sutherland Shire community,

"We display kindness and care for each other in these very difficult times,” she added.

Coles shoppers brought to tears by heartfelt story

Sutherland Shire locals flocked to the comments on Facebook to voice their admiration for the kindness shown by Caringbah Coles staffers and shoppers.

“Restores faith in human kindness, so glad your mum was surrounded by people who care,” commented one user.

“It’s so beautiful to hear such a wonderful story, especially about the staff and people of Caringbah and Coles Caringbah. Too often people tend to focus on the negative,” wrote another user.

Customers walk past a Coles store. Source: AAP
Shoppers have been touched by the heartwarming story. Source: AAP

While another added: “Brought tears to my eyes. Well done to everyone involved.”

The post has since attracted over 2600 likes and hundreds of comments from touched users claiming the story was “wonderful,” “heartwarming” and “purely beautiful.”

Coles shopper left 'bawling' after incredible act at checkout

A Coles shopper has revealed how she was left "bawling" at the checkout of her local store from the generosity of a fellow customer.

“So I’ve been feeling really down lately and money is very tight so food shopping is on a tight budget," the shopper shared in a post to a popular Facebook group.

“I was at the checkout and was going to have to leave an item behind so the lady behind me offered to pay for it," she wrote.

If that wasn’t enough, she said the cashier also reduced the price of the item to $5 for the woman.

"I just bawled my eyes out in the middle of Coles," she continued.

"There are still lovely, kind hearted people out there. I am so thankful and I will find a way to pay it forward."

The woman’s post must have struck a chord with other members of the Facebook group, as it inspired a stream of comments from users who praised the generosity of the Coles shopper and staffer.

One user wrote: "Best. Post. In. Ages."

"Lovely gesture," wrote another.

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