Canberra shoppers take revenge on 'inconsiderate' Jaguar driver

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Shoppers decided to take matters into their own hands on Sunday after seeing a car taking up two spaces at a busy Westfield car park in Canberra.

A Reddit user shared a photo of the Jaguar driver's parking effort at Westfield Belconnen, and also pictures of the shoppers' act of revenge.

“I love how petty Canberran’s can be – found at Belco Westfield,” she wrote on the post.

Canberra Jaguar driver's terrible parking display Westfield Belconnen.
Canberra shoppers decided to take revenge after witnessing the Jaguar driver's terrible parking job.. Source: Reddit

The first of three photos was taken by the amused observer when she first arrived at the car park, which she said was almost full, showing the black Jaguar parked across two spaces.

The second was when she returned to her car about an hour later, seeing two empty shopping trolleys placed behind the Jaguar.

It wasn’t until she finished unloading her groceries into her own car that she noticed the number of trolleys placed behind the offending Jaguar had grown to five.

A photo left showing two trolleys behind a black Jaguar, and right, five trolleys behind the same car.
The number of trolleys parked behind the offending Jaguar grew from two to five. Source: Reddit

It meant that the driver would be forced to move all five trolleys before they were able to leave.

While the people’s revenge prank was relatively harmless, it may have been inconvenient enough to make the driver think twice before parking across two car spaces again.

‘This is the best Karma pics I’ve seen in ages’

Dozens of people quickly flooded the comments on Reddit, with many applauding the vigilantes who took revenge on the “inconsiderate” driver.

“It's the pettiness of it that I appreciate the most,” wrote one person.

“This is the best Karma pics I’ve seen in ages. The shopping trolley arrangement will hopefully send the right message,” wrote a second.

“This is beautiful,” commented a third.

"This is hilarious. Well deserved," chimed a fourth.

Aussies plot revenge against Canberra driver

One person took the opportunity to joke about how the prank could have escalated if they had left the car there any longer.

“30 minutes later, and the trolleys would have been chained together, surrounding the Jaguar where it will remain for all eternity,” joked one person.

Others plotted their own revenge against the driver by claiming they would leave the windscreen wipers up, attach a trolley to the handle using zip ties, or superglue a 'strongly worded' note to their windscreen.

"If I had seen it I would have squeezed myself into the right of him with half my car up on that raised part. As close as I could get," wrote one person.

"I'd have gone home and grabbed four car dollies and a mate and pushed his car right into the back of the car park," said another.

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