Ford Mustang driver slammed over 'unacceptable' parking act

The parking manoeuvre of a Ford Mustang GT driver in a busy car park near Sydney has been labelled “unacceptable” and sparked online debate.

A photo of the black sports car parked directly down the middle of two spaces in the Blue Mountains town of Springwood was shared to Reddit on Monday, sparking fury from some users online.

The user who shared the image said there were many people in the region with little parking available.

Another person said there had been an influx of visitors in recent weeks amid the pandemic.

“Ahhh, yes. The classic ‘a***hole parking’,” one person wrote.

The black Ford Mustang parked in between two parking bays in Springwood.
A Ford Mustang driver has angered Reddit users after taking up two parking spaces in the Blue Mountains. Source: Reddit

Others suggested the driver took up two spaces in a bid to protect their vehicle from damage, prompting a wave of comments mocking their choice of car.

“This is ‘trying to look rich when you're not actually rich’,” one person said.

Another went as far as to say owning a Mustang was the ultimate “midlife crisis” purchase in Australia.

A small minority defended the driver however, noting the line separating the spaces may have been barely visible, while others said it might have been the result of earlier bad parking.

Meanwhile a handful joked the car was simply social distancing during the pandemic.

A retailer in nearby Macquarie Centre told Yahoo News Australia parking had always been difficult in the town centre, but had been even more so in recent weeks due to visitors.

She said while all spaces in the car park were for one vehicle, the lines separating the spaces hadn’t been painted “in a long time”.

The Reddit post has received more than 900 upvotes.

Using more parking bays than necessary can cop a $114 fine in NSW, according to Roads and Maritime Services.

Blue Mountains City council uses the Snap, Send, Solve app to allow residents to report illegally parked cars in the community, but fines can only be issued if council rangers are present.

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