Tassie RAM driver takes up FOUR car park spaces in busy shopping centre: 'Idiot'

A driver in Tasmania has been slammed for their parking efforts at a busy shopping centre in Hobart after taking up four car spaces to park a single car.

A photo taken by a passerby shows the black Dodge RAM 2500 parked in the centre of multiple spaces, ensuring no other car can get close enough to it.

"What came first? The ego or the Ram?" one person wrote, sharing the photo on Reddit.

The post sparked fury among many who slammed the driver for his "d**k" move, but it wasn't a surprise for some who implied it was almost expected from a RAM driver.

The driver of the RAM took up four car spaces at a busy shopping centre car park in Tasmania
The driver of the RAM took up four car spaces at a busy shopping centre car park in Tasmania this week. Source: Reddit

In Australia, a RAM is considered a "small truck " thanks to its size and weight so fitting into a regular size car park can be difficult.

But that wasn't a valid excuse for this driver, it seems, who copped an onslaught of criticism online.

"To be fair, the owner is an idiot for taking up 4 spaces. If he can't even park it properly, I'd hate to see what he's like on the road," one said.

"The driver needed a bigger size car to compensate on the size if his brain," wrote another.

A third said: "The ego came first, the ram makes it worse."


"I think he could've perfectly fit into one of those parking spots that are on his right side wheels, but he chose to be an even bigger prick," a fourth said.

Not only was the driver's parking judged, but so was their choice of car.

"As an Aussie living in the states, can confirm that not only did this fella park badly, he picked a sh*t pickup as far as pickups go," one wrote.

"There isn’t a single thing that this does well - towing, off road, load carrying… you can find much better vehicles that cost less, and take up less space," said another.

Many jump to driver's defence: 'Where do you expect them to park?'

But a few jumped to the driver's defence with one asking: "where do you expect them to park?'

"There's no large vehicle spaces and the loading zones are taken up by taxis," they said.

Another said the park job was actually "perfect parking" because car spaces at Eastlands shopping centre are "too narrow to swing one of these out of a single park".

One said: "I would rather be called a dick whilst parking like this than getting dings on a 100k car"

But one person said buyers of these large cars "need to consider" the fact parking could be an issue, and perhaps reconsider their choice.

"They are a heavy vehicle, there is limited parking for them," they wrote.

A Vicinity spokesperson, the company which owns and operates Eastlands shopping centres said the parking spaces are not smaller than usual.

"We’re proud to offer almost 1500 free parking spots so our customers can have confidence they will find a park," a Vicinity spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"All parking spaces across our portfolio meet a national standard."

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