Driver roasted over bizarre parking attempt: 'It's impressive'

A Sydney driver has caused quite a stir online after a photo of their unusual parking effort was shared by a perplexed bystander.

The Honda hatchback was spotted in a shopping centre car park in Sydney's south on Tuesday, and it appears they missed the mark a tad.

"You have to appreciate the parking at Bangor shops today. It’s impressive," a local woman mocked, sharing two images of the parking job on Facebook.

Honda hatchback parking incorrectly in car park
The driver was roasted for parking in the middle of the road. Source Facebook

Although the vehicle fits perfectly between the lines, it appears the driver failed to reverse the car before jumping out.

This means the tiny hatchback sticks out well beyond the front of other cars in its row.

In fact, many pointed out the car had stopped in the middle of the road, with several people who were there at the time forced to drive around it, they said.

"Least they won't hit the doors of the car next to them," one remarked about the unusual park.

"Sensational effort," another person joked.

"The driver is either drunk or just a Moron !! Either way it doesn’t need a licence," a third pointed out.

Meanwhile, one said the driver needs to "learn how to park," with another admitting it's "really bad."

Honda hatchback parked incorrectly in car park
Several people admitted they had to drive around it because it'd stopped so far in front of the lines. Source: Facebook

Some people in the comments who saw that car said they approached it with caution thinking someone was still inside it at the time.

But the photos show the car is parked with no one inside, with commenters confirming this to be true.

"Just walked past this and looked in to see if someone was still in the car as if they were reversing but nup… must not have any scratches on the Ferrari," one joked.

Some were more forgiving than others and attempted to speculate a reason behind the dodgy park.

"Must have been in a hurry to shop or something," one said.

"Must have been busting to get to the bathroom," suggested another.

One Facebook user speculated that perhaps the handbrake wasn't engaged, implying the car could have rolled forward.

But the original poster said there were "no handbrake issues," presumably looking inside.

"Simply parked right in the middle of the road," they added.

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