City paints red line around couple's car, gives them $260 parking fine

A couple said they received a $260 parking fine after the council painted a red line around their parked car.

Desiree and Jeff Jolly have lived in San Fransisco for years and whenever one particular curbside parking spot is free, they take it.

Mr Jolly said he had been parking there for 25 years and never had an issue with the spot, until last week.

The couple was coming out of a store and Ms Jolly noticed a ticket on her Honda. They had received a US$180 ($260) fine for parking in a "red zone".

Ms Jolly said if the fine was warranted, she would not have had an issue with it, but considering it seemed as though the red line had been painted while their car was parked there, it just didn't seem fair.

Pictured is the parking fine from SFMTA
A couple from San Fransisco say they parked in the same spot for years until they received the parking fine. Source: ABC7

"The red stripe is there, where it wasn't before, and they had the nerve to just to go around my tyre," she told ABC7.

She went on to point out to the local news station that a patch on the curb was missed, so the painter could avoid getting her tyre.

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) told ABC7 that the parking fine was not for parking in a freshly painted red zone, but for parking in a faded one.

A photo was given to ABC7 which shows there was some old red paint left on the curb, indicating it was a red zone.

Pictured is the couples car parked on the street and the fresh red paint which went around the tyre
It seemed as though the red strip was painted around the couple's tyre. Source: ABC7

However, the news station dug up photos from 2016 and 2021, which show the red paint faded in both those years.

The couple has contested the ticket, so there's a chance they won't have to pay the fine.

"I'm going through chemotherapy right now, so it's like I'm worried about other things and now I have to worry about this," Ms Jolly told ABC7.

Mr and Ms Jolly are now thinking about moving abroad after growing tired of the city.

Pictured is Union Street in San Fransisco where old, faded red paint indicates a red zone.
The couple copped the fine on Union Street in San Francisco. An image from Google Maps taken in March shows faded red paint on the curb at the same spot. Source: Google Maps

Just a few weeks ago, it came to light another couple from San Francisco had copped a truly bizarre fine.

For more than 30 years, Judy and Ed Craine have lived in San Fransisco and to avoid parking on the street, they parked their car in the driveway, in front of their home.

However, they copped a $1542 ($A2247) fine for parking on their own car pad on their property, which led to them having to jump through several hoops to prove vehicles had been parked there for decades.

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