Driver fumes over $270 speeding fine – can you see why?

A Victorian driver is fuming after receiving a $270 speeding fine, claiming they couldn't see the speed limit sign and bringing to light a rule many were unaware of.

In a post to Reddit the puzzled driver explained they were handed the fine for driving too fast in a residential area in Melbourne. However, as there was dense vegetation covering the sign he wasn't sure how fast he could legally travel.

Although some users encouraged the driver to contest the fine, a few pointed out the road rules clearly stating there are speed limits, even if a sign can not be seen.

The driver received a speeding fine despite not knowing the speed limit.
The speed limit sign was partially hidden by trees. Source: Reddit

It's unknown how fast the driver was going or what the speed limit is in the area.

According to Victoria Roads where there’s no speed limit sign, the default speed limit for built-up areas is 50km/h.

The limit is 100 km/h for all other roads.

The rules are the same around the rest of Australia.


Reddit users struggle to spot sign

Although a few Reddit users were aware of the rule, many were not aware default speed limits existed.

"So you're telling me that every time you turn into a road, you go 50 until you see a speed sign?" an incredulous user wrote.

"The one time I went slow (not even as low as 50) until I saw a speed sign I was literally stopped by a cop and asked why I'm going so slow," they continued.

"So yeah I get going 50 by default on small residential streets, but I disagree with assuming 50 on every road."

"What a joke," another agreed. "You would have been a traffic hazard to everyone else on that road if you did 50."

Others agreed with the original poster that the sign was difficult to see.

"I’m convinced there is no sign and you’re just screwing with me," a user wrote, with another adding: "I’ve found Waldo in quicker times than that just took me."

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