The $114 fine for driving rule '99% don't know about'

People have been left baffled after police reminded drivers they could be fined $114 for an obscure road rule.

On Facebook, NSW Police's The Hills Police Area Command brought attention to a specific windscreen wipers rule.

"Given the amount of rain recently – Drivers are reminded they can be penalised under the Road Transport Act for failing to have water in the windshield washer & defective windscreen wipers – it's dangerous," they said on Tuesday.

"The penalty is $114 and no points for each defect."

A rainy day as seen through a car's windscreen with wipers going.
You can cop a $114 fine for not having water in the windshield washer or having defective wipers. Source: Getty Images

Judging by the comments, it seems as though this road rule wasn't that well known.

"Reminded??? I bet 99% of the population doesn’t know about it, like me," one person admitted.

"I didn’t know it was an offence to have no water in your washer tank, only that it is bad to keep trying to use the wipers without water in the tank," another person said.

"What the?" another added.

Someone said the premise behind the rule was that vision was paramount and "the most important part of a driver's safety tools".

The NSW Government recommends drivers check windscreen wipers and washers regularly, in addition to ensuring horns, lights, indicators and seatbelts are working.

However, in the comments of the post made by The Hills Police Area Command, some made light of the rule.

"Sounds like another smear campaign," one person said, to which someone else said it was a "blurred crusade".

Windscreen wipers across NSW likely got quite a run in recent days due to the heavy rain which led to flooding in some areas.

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