'Cadbury, what are you doing?' Man discovers 'secret' behind chocolate Santa

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It's the most wonderful time of the year.

But TikTok user Jarad Bell believes there might be something a little less magical about Cadbury's Santa Clause chocolates, claiming they are actually Easter bunny chocolates wrapped in Christmas foil.

"Cadbury you are very clearly trying to pull the rabbit over our eyes!" Mr Bell captioned the video.

"This is no Santa...it’s an imposter Easter Bunny."

A photo of a Cadbury Santa hollow chocolate but with bunny ears animated on top of it to demonstrate how it still looks like an Easter Bunny.
The TikTokers demonstrated how the Santa chocolate still maintains a bunny shape. Source: TikTok/ councillorbell

"Christmas chocolate is all the rage. And I see these chocolates here. Now is it me? Or is that just very clearly the Easter Bunny mould with a picture of Santa on it?

"Cadbury, what the hell are you doing?"

Deciding he had to get to the bottom of the Christmas chocolate mystery, he purchased one and took it home to see what it looked like underneath.

The 'Santa' chocolate still has a vague rabbit shape.
The TikToker argued it looks more like a bunny than Santa. Source: TikTok/ councillorbell

Once he unwrapped it, it revealed a vague bunny-looking chocolate figure, which the TikToker adamantly said is a rabbit.

"This is very clearly a rabbit shape that Cadbury thinks can fool us with this Santa garb," he argued.

"Like that's very clearly not Santa. That's a rabbit."

Users divided

TikTok users were less upset about the man's revelation, with many arguing it's a good way to use items that weren't sold at Easter.

"Why waste leftover Easter chocolate," one user argued.

"Got to get rid of Easter stock somehow," agreed another.

Others were stunned they hadn't realised the chocolate treat was multi-purpose.

"They literally have hair on the inside moulded onto them, they're definitely bunnies," one said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Cadbury for comment.

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