Coles customer confused over 'misleading' deli label

A Coles customer has slammed a deli label as misleading, demanding an explanation from the supermarket giant over the 'Australian Made' claim.

The shopper took to the Coles Facebook page to share an image of a yellow price tag for a Primo cheese kransky, which reads ‘Made in Australia from less than 10 per cent Australian ingredients”.

(left) File image of Coles logo Source: AAP (right) yellow price tag for cheese kransky with the Australian Made logo circled. Source: Facebook
A Coles customer has hit out at the supermarket giant over claims the cheese kransky was ‘made in Australia’ despite containing mostly overseas ingredients. Source: AAP/Facebook

She captioned the post: “Umm - please explain” and later commented to accuse the mega-chain of being “misleading”.

“At first glance you’d think it was ‘Australian made’ But no,” she wrote.

“Assembled in Australia?” suggested another Facebook user.

She wasn’t the only shopper frustrated over Australian Made labelling, with one person suggesting she shop elsewhere.

“I do,” they wrote in response.

A screenshot of a woman's Facebook post about an Australian Made label on cheese kransky in Coles and some comments in response. Source: Facebook
A screenshot of a woman's Facebook post about an Australian Made label on cheese kransky in Coles and some comments in response. Source: Facebook

Coles responds to Australian Made concern

In a statement to Yahoo News, a spokesperson for Coles explained why the product is still classified as being Made in Australia.

“While most of our deli meats range is manufactured in Australia, some products use imported raw material (such as spices),” a statement read.

“We do have a selection of great offers that are manufactured in Australia using Australian pork such as our Don Ham on the Bone or Bertocchi Triple Smoked Ham in the Deli.

“We are also proud to offer a range of Coles Brand ham and bacon products in the dairy department that are made using Australian pork.”

Office workers walk past a Coles supermarket in Sydney, Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Source: AAP
Coles said some products use imported raw materials, such as spices. Source: AAP

The supermarket giant came under fire last year over a logo on its streaky bacon, which stated less than 10 per cent of Australian ingredients were used in the fine print.

At the time, Coles told Yahoo News: “We know our customers place a high priority on purchasing great, locally produced food and groceries.

“Coles takes its Country of Origin labelling responsibilities very seriously and is fully compliant with the new laws, which came into effect in July 2018.”

In response to a customer complaint about the streaky bacon in 2019, Coles said 85 per cent of its own brand products were sourced in Australia and when local supply didn’t meet demand, it was difficult to ensure low prices for shoppers.

Logo scheme designed to inform customers

In 2016, the Australian Government incorporated the logo into their mandatory food labelling scheme.

“For a long time, the public has been calling for clearer and more transparent Country of Origin labelling on food products,” an AMCL report on the food labelling changes says.

“Many consumers are interested in not just where something was made or packed, but also how much of the food was grown in Australia.

“The purpose of the new Country of Origin food labelling scheme is to enable consumers to make more informed choices about the food they buy.”

Primo has been contacted for comment.

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