Coles shopper shocked by fine print on Australian Made logo

A disappointed shopper has voiced their concerns over the ‘Australian Made’ label on Coles own brand products after noticing its fine print on a pack of bacon.

Taking to Coles’ Facebook page, the shopper shared a post that noted while the pack of streaky bacon included the Australian Made logo, it stated that only 10 per cent of its contents were sourced from Australia.

“How is that Australian Made???” the post questioned.

With African Swine Fever decimating pork supplies abroad, and many farmers across Australia struggling to keep livestock because of the devastating drought, the shopper called on supermarkets to support local produce.

A shopper believes Coles' Australian Made labelling is misleading if only 10 per cent of produce is sourced from Australia. Source: Facebook

But Coles responded to the post stating that while 85 per cent of its own brand products were sourced in Australia, when local supply didn’t meet demand, it was difficult to ensure low prices for shoppers.

“We do source some items from overseas when there is insufficient supply to keep prices low in Australia,” a Coles spokesperson said online.

The spokesperson added that such feedback would be considered when reviewing their product range.

Coles targeted over foreign produce last month

Just last month another shopper hit out at Coles over their tins of corn not using Australian-grown corn.

The shopper said she had instead opted on the slightly more expensive Edgell corn to ensure she was supporting Australian farmers.

A Coles spokesperson again explained the majority of its products used Australian produce, telling Yahoo News Australia they understood customers placed a “high priority” on buying “great, locally produced food and groceries”.

“Coles is also the only supermarket to offer 100 per cent Australian grown vegetables in all Own Brand frozen vegetable offerings,” the spokesperson added.

They also pointed out the Australian Made percentage was clearly laid out and explained on all packaging.

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