Brisbane woman's charming tribute to 'best postie' in Australia

A Queensland woman has taken to Facebook to praise her postie, boasting he was the best in the business.

The woman, a resident of Carindale in Brisbane’s east, wrote about her postman on Facebook and added a photo of him from 2015 pictured with her dog.

“We had the best postie,” she wrote.

“He was like clockwork. Always friendly and smiled.”

She added he would bring treats for her “two furbabies”.

“Never had a parcel gone missing,” she wrote.

Funnily enough, the post was published in a Facebook group dedicated to making complaints about Australia Post.

While people love to bash the nation’s postal service at times (not to mention the eye-watering salary of its executives), the message about the woman’s beloved postie attracted more positive comments with other people touting the good work of their own postmen and women around the country.

A Brisbane postie has been praised as 'always friendly' and 'like clockwork' with his deliveries. Source: Facebook

“My postie is awesome,” one woman wrote.

“He cops heaps from people and still does the job with a smile.”

A man, from Patterson Lakes in Melbourne’s outer southeast, wrote he’s never had any problems with his either.

“He’s brilliant,” he wrote.

“Never ever had an issue and stops for a quick chat or if no mail, always get a wave and a ‘hiya’ from him.”

Another woman added that her postie went the extra mile while she was recovering from a hip replacement.

“He was getting off his bike to bring my paper mail up and also junk mail for me,” she wrote.

Another added, “we need to hear good stories” about posties, after recent accounts of terrible service from postal workers.

In June, a Sydney woman claimed a postie threw a package on her roof.

Meanwhile a Brisbane postal worker caused disgust and anger in July when he was filmed throwing packages at a depot.

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