Postie's note to woman after 'accidentally throwing package on roof'

A woman claims Australia Post threw her delivery parcel on her roof and left her a note with a suggestion on how to get it down.

Merryl Lloyd, who lives in Castle Hill in northwest Sydney, posted photos on Facebook on Friday of the package sitting in her roof guttering and an Australia Post collection notice with handwriting on it.

“I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof,” the note reads.

“My apologies. Use maybe a broom to get it down.”

Pictured is an Australia Post parcel in a roof gutter. A Castle Hill woman claims Australia Post delivered her parcel to her by throwing it on her roof.
A woman claims Australia Post threw her package on the roof of her Castle Hill home. Source: Facebook/ Merry Lloyd

Ms Lloyd told Yahoo News Australia she wasn’t home when the parcel was delivered on Friday, but admits it was “hilarious” to find it on the roof.

“I’m 5’1’’ so even with a broom it was tricky to get down,” she said.

“I can’t understand why he threw it. I bet he felt stupid after he did it.”

The Castle Hill resident said inside the parcel was a designer jacket worth “a few hundred dollars”. It was sent to someone who lives with her.

People were shocked and amused by the bizarre delivery.

“Accidentally? Why was he throwing it, anyway?” one man wrote.

“Just proves that they are useless.”

One woman suggested the person delivering the package threw it from the footpath as they were “too lazy to walk it to the door”.

One man who was in disbelief asked: “Is your postie five-years-old?”

An Australia Post parcel notice with a handwritten note. The note claims the parcel was thrown on the roof of a Castle Hill home by accident.
A handwritten note on an Australia Post parcel notice claims the parcel was thrown on the roof 'by accident'. Source: Facebook/ Merryl Lloyd

One woman added the recipient of the roof parcel should “just be glad it got delivered”.

However, not everyone believed her story.

“I call bulls***,” one man wrote.

The Castle Hill woman's parcel, which she claims was found on the roof of her home, and the notice believed to be from an Australia Post worker claiming it was thrown on the roof by accident.
Another photo of the package and the notice. Source: Facebook/ Merryl Lloyd

However, Ms Hill doubled down on her claim and included another photo of the parcel and the notice.

“It’s real I can assure you,” she wrote.

The latest incident comes after an Australia Post worker was sacked after he was caught urinating in a customer’s pot plant this week.

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia it’s investigating the claims.

“Our posties and delivery drivers work hard to ensure customers receive their mail correctly, and we are investigating what has happened in this case,” the spokesperson said.

“We will also be reaching out to the customer as part of our investigation.”

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