'Bonkers' discovery inside home for sale shocks people online

Josh Dutton
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A real estate agent has made an absolutely “bonkers” find in a house he was selling.

TJ Easton from New York posted video of the house on Facebook.

Mr Easton wrote he was showing the house when one of his clients called out to him after seeing something in the basement.

Video shows Mr Easton at a metal door for a hatch. He walks through a long hallway with white walls shrouded in darkness.

A bomb shelter beneath a New York house is pictured.
TJ Easton found a bombshell underneath a New York home he was selling. Source: Facebook/ TJ Easton

At the end of the hallway is a dark room with some furniture including a desk and a sink. Another room features what appears to be bunkbeds.

A fuse box is also seen and he calls the room “bonkers” before inspecting another empty room and walking back out the door to the basement.

Mr Easton later clarified that behind the door was a bomb shelter.

“If only walls could talk in this house,” he wrote.

Many Americans built bomb shelters during the Cold War amid tensions with the former Soviet Union.

Then-President John F Kennedy, recommended families build bomb or fallout shelters in 1961 in the event of nuclear war.

Some still keep shelters in case of wild storms or hurricanes.

Bunkbeds and a fuse box are seen in an underground bomb shelter beneath a New York house.
Many Americans built fallout shelters during the Cold War. Source: Facebook/ TJ Easton

'Wild' bunker divides opinion

On Facebook, people marvelled at the underground bunker.

“Crazy, cool and creepy all rolled into one,” one woman wrote.

Another woman called it “wild” and “awesome”.

“I’d buy it just for that,” one man wrote.

A metal hatch door is pictured for a bomb shelter in a New York house.
The shelter is accessible via a metal door in the basement. Source: Facebook/ TJ Easton

However, others seemed to prefer a home without a fallout shelter.

“I'd rather be wiped out than live underground like that,” one woman wrote.

“So claustrophobic.”

Another woman called it “horrifying on so many levels”.

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