'Gross' find on bathroom wall – but can you tell what it is?

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People online were very grossed out after a woman shared images of a bizarre contraption on a bathroom wall.

On Facebook, the woman explained her friends had recently bought a home which was built in the 1980s and shared pictures of the installation on their bathroom door.

The first photo shows a fairly innocuous-looking hatch-door which could easily be mistaken for a laundry or garbage chute.

The second photo reveals once you fold the door down, you get a hide-away urinal.

The inside has a 'Mister Miser' logo embossed on the inside of the urinal and a gap for urine to go down, which hopefully connects to the home's plumbing. 

Pictured is the door of the fold-out Mister Miser urinal seen on the wall, and on the right a close-up of the logo.
The laundry-chute looking door was actually something else entirely and it grossed people out on social media. Source: Facebook

The overall consensus on the Facebook post was that the foldable urinal was "gross".

"Why do you need this if you have a toilet already? Looks messy and stinky," one person said.

"Can't hit the toilet, but can hit a tiny hole in the wall?! NOPE!" another said.

One woman said she has two sons and a husband, and said the appliance was not a "convenience" but rather, "the stuff of nightmares".

Several people pointed out some men struggle to aim as it is and said this isn't the best solution 

"My sons and husband can’t make it in a huge bowl, there’s a 0% chance of making it in here. Pee everywhere," another person said.

Others pointed out the Mister Miser might just cause more problems in the bathroom.

"Men can't put the seat down, why will they put it up?!" someone said.

Pictured is the Mister Miser when it is folded out.
The Mister Miser urinal folds out of the wall. Source: Facebook

'No market for home urinals'

Several people were also concerned about how you could clean the urinal. There does appear to a button at the top of the urinal, when the hatch is down, which may be a flush button.

A 2007 article from Uber Gizmo explained water and drainage pipes needed to be rerouted while installing the Mister Miser urinal.

In the early 2000s, the urinals were selling for $295, which is roughly $380 ($A490) today, but the Mister Miser urinal did promise to use a lot less water compared to your standard toilet.

"Lots of manufacturers have assumed that there is a market for residential urinals, and they have been proved wrong, again and again," Martin Holladay the editor for Green Building Advisor wrote in a Q&A in 2017. 

"It turns out that there is virtually no market, because no one wants one."

Mr Holladay showcased the Mister Miser urinal in his response and said the company went out of business due to low sales.

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