Is this Australia's luckiest suburb? Serial lotto winner reveals where he bought tickets

A former Sydney undertaker has managed to win the lottery five times in three months.

Carlo Massetti bought all five of his entries in Sydney’s eastern suburbs – with three from the same newsagency in Bondi – to claim more than $3 million. The other two were bought in Bondi Junction.

He has told Sunrise his wins come down to “just sheer luck”.

Mr Massetti revealed he had been playing the lotto for 10 to 15 years “on and off”.

“There’s no skill. I guess someone was looking after me,” he told Weekend Sunrise.

Former Sydney undertaker Carlos Massetti has won the lottery five times in the space of three months. Source: Sunrise

But he did recommend playing a systems entry over a quick pick.

Mr Massetti said he could not give any other tips.

When asked by Sunrise co-host Monique Wright how the “unbelievable win” had impacted on him, the multi-millionaire replied: “It hasn’t changed my life.

“I’m just good old Carlo. I’m the same guy. Well, currently I don’t need to work at the moment.”

Mr Massetti said he was aware of many lottery winners blowing their fortune quickly.

He said he had been “very sensible with it”.

The Sydney resident last month donated $50,000 to the St Vincent’s Hospital’s cardiac unit but he was still yet to sort another matter of the heart.

“I’ve just come out of a marriage break-up,” Mr Massetti said.

“And currently I’m in a complicated relationship. I’m not sure where that’s going.”

He told Woman’s Day after winning a $1 million division-one Lotto prize in May, he was reduced to tears.

Mr Massetti saw his win on the Lotto app and waited 12 hours to call Australia’s official lotteries body The Lott to make sure it was not a mistake from the app. 

Mr Massetti has donated some of his winnings to St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. File pic. Source: Getty Images

“It wasn’t just because I won lotto,” he said.  

“I’d been through hell the last couple of months after my marriage ended.

“I’d lost the matrimonial home, my pets… the break-up was completely my fault, but I was still left heartbroken.”

Mr Massetti added the reason he came public with his win, when he gave his donation to the hospital, was to encourage people to share their wealth too.

He added he was aware people would come out of the blue asking for money.

The former undertaker is not resting on his wins either, and is continuing to play the Lotto on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.