Family thought a squirrel was eating their strawberries - it was something else

When strawberries kept disappearing from a family’s front yard, they assumed a hungry squirrel had got to them.

But after a depleting supply of produce over a few weeks, they eventually checked their CCTV to find the culprit was something else entirely.

Canadian man Rob Morin and his wife regularly grew fruit in hanging baskets outside their Montreal home.

The family’s security camera caught the mailman snacking on their produce. Source: Rob Morin / YouTube

“Each year we hang out tomatoes and strawberries in front of our house,” he told CNN.

“This year after many were ripe, we noticed they were going missing. We first thought it was the squirrels, but normally the squirrels leave a mess and there was not a mess on the ground where the plants were.”

He turned to the security camera to help crack the case and discovered the mailman had been helping himself to the fruits of their labour since June.

Two days later, the postie was busted helping himself to the fresh produce again. Source: Rob Morin / YouTube

The footage appears to show the postal service worker treating himself to the strawberries on several occasions. The family say he ate as many as 10 fruits in one day.

Mr Morin said he wouldn’t have minded if the postie took a few as a quick snack, but he said the man ate so many there weren’t enough left for the family.

“It’s rude,” Mr Morin’s wife Paula Habib told CTV News.

She said the family didn’t want the postman fired, but hoped to get an apology, or better – an offer to replace the plants or bake them a strawberry pie.