Mum finds python in bedroom - with a huge lump in its stomach

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A Queensland mum has been left stunned after she not only discovered a large python in her daughter’s bed, but watched it find and consume it’s next meal while still between the sheets.

Cairns mum Julie Cooke spotted the huge python in the bed of her 14-year-old daughter Abigail.

While trying to get the family cats safely away from the intruder, she called her husband Alex Maher about the unexpected houseguest – that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Vets were forced to operate after this python, found in a Cairns girl’s bedroom, swallowed a foreign object. Source: Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

Right before her eyes, Ms Cooke watched the snake swallow her daughter’s stuffed toy, whole.

“Oh my God. The bloody thing has got Cow. It’s eating Cow!!!” she told her husband over the phone.

Local snake catcher “Swampy” from Miss Hiss Reptiles was called to remove the amethystine python from the Trinity Beach home. He soon realised the creature was in a bit of trouble for “choosing the wrong thing on the menu”.

Swampy had got to our place and tried to get it to cough up the teddy, but had no luck. For a while we thought that poor old snake was done for,” Mr Maher told Yahoo7.

The Queensland mother watched the python swallow her daughter’s soft toy, whole. Source: Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, Alex Maher

They brought the snake to Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, where life-saving surgery was perfomed to remove the foreign object from the python’s stomach.

The vet said  surgical intervention was the best option to save the python’s life.

“The snake wouldn’t have been able to digest this non-food product, and it’s too big for it to pass naturally,” the vet reported on Facebook.

“So this would be an obstruction and the snake would slowly die, either from complications caused by the toy or from starvation.”

Dr Peter Barratt recovered the toy from the snake’s abdomen, and after a successful anesthetic by the nursing team, the python is reportedly doing well.

Cow was extracted from the python’s abdomen during life-saving surgery. Source: Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

“After a few weeks in rehabilitation with Miss Hiss Reptiles, this lucky snake will be released back into the wild where it belongs,” the vet added.

Cow, however, is not doing so well.

We’re so sorry cow couldn’t be revived for your daughter, but thank you for calling Miss Hiss Reptiles so this snake could be rescued,” the vet wrote in response to Mr Maher’s comment on the thread. 

However, the father was less bothered about his daughter’s toy, and more relieved the snake could be saved, thanking Swampy and the Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital for looking after the reptile.

The vet said  surgical intervention was the best option to save the python’s life. Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

“Abigail has had poor Cow since she was about four months old, we got it for her when we went on a long car trip from Port Macquarie to Leeton on the Victorian border,” he told Yahoo7.

“Not to worry. Cow has now moved on to the great messy bedroom in the sky. And most importantly the snake will be ok ,” Mr Maher added.

RIP Cow.