AusPost worker slammed over 'dangerous' delivery fail: 'Disgusting'

An Australia Post driver has been slammed for letting a number of deliveries forcefully fall to the ground from their van.

The van has been caught on camera while driving with the boot open in what is believed to be Wandin, North Victoria, 9 News reports.

As the vehicle is pulling into a driveway, a few of the many boxes travelling in the back quickly fall out, making a loud thud as they collide with the concrete.

Two photos of a van driven by an AusPost worker with its boot open, causing several packages to fall out on someone's driveway,
A video has surfaced of an AusPost worker driving a van with the boot open, causing several packages to fall to the ground. Source: 9 News

According to 9 News, the Australia Post delivery driver did not go back to pick up the fallen parcels, with neighbours having to instead pick them up and contact the owners.

Social media users react to delivery gone wrong

People on social media were left fuming at the incident, suggesting that the dropped packages possibly containing valuable items could've been damaged.

"That is really very dangerous," one person said. "AustPost absolutely disgusting. They need to take serious action when hiring staff," said another.

"Wow…kicking parcels up a path to the door, parcels falling out of the van, waiting ages for deliveries…this is your job AusPost!!!!" a third person said.

Australia Post apologises for incident

A representative for Australia Post confirmed the incident happened on Friday, and Yahoo News Australia understands the five items dropped during the delivery have since been recovered.

"We take seriously our responsibility to deliver mail and parcels in our care and the vast majority make it to their destination safely," the spokesman said.

"This does not meet the high service standards we expect of our people to deliver to the community and we sincerely apologise. All parcels have since been accounted for and delivered safely."

An Australia Post van is parked in a street.
The five packages dropped in the incident have since been recovered. Source: Reuters

Australia Post worker's 'careless' act caught on camera

Meanwhile in Queensland, a Cairns man is furious after an Australia Post worker was caught tossing a parcel from his motorbike.

Video of the incident, captured by front-of-home surveillance equipment, shows the postie scanning the parcel before throwing it towards the ground a few metres away. The surveillance footage is complete with audio and a loud noise is heard as the parcel appears to bounce off some lattice and onto the ground.

Although the toss might not seem too rough at first, the video's accompanying caption on Facebook points out the parcel contained a fragile part for an old car.

"Quality air service from their bike to your door apparently. Just a fragile 20+ year old car part being thrown," the caption reads.

A spokesperson for Australia Post addressed the incident in a statement to Yahoo News Australia, saying, "Australia Post has zero tolerance for the throwing and mishandling of parcels".

"We unreservedly apologise for the unacceptable actions shown in the video, which are not in line with our usual processes or the high service standards we expect of our people."

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