Aldi customer in tears over cashier's 'ferocious' scanning speed

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An Aldi customer says she was left "shaking and crying" after she couldn't keep up with the store's famously-quick checkout scanning system.

Mother-of-three Nicola Fuller described the scanning of the cashier at her local store in northeast England as "ferocious" and branded them "disgracefully rude" when they failed to slow down at her request.

“I asked the cashier to please stop scanning through more food and that it felt like he was throwing the items at me," she told Teeside Live.

The shopper says she was left
The shopper says she was left "shaken" by the speed of the cashier. Source: Getty

Ms Fuller, 35, said items quickly began to fall on the floor and she was left struggling to pick them up while looking after her three young children at the same time.

She claims he told her she wasn't packing quick enough and when another worker stepped in to diffuse the situation, the original cashier stormed off.

"I was shocked how someone in customer care could disregard my struggle with no empathy or care whatsoever. It's totally unacceptable."

An Aldi spokesperson told Teeside Live staff members should work to the speed suitable of each customer and apologised to the customer.

They did not comment on the supermarket's action in response to the employee.

Aldi checkouts a long-running issue

For years Aldi checkouts have been a talking point among customers, with many complaining they are given little time or space to pack their bags.

Last month a photo went viral after a customer found a trivial way to slow the cashier down by placing items roughy 30cm apart from each other.

In February, an Aldi customer in NSW expressed her concern over the speed of the checkout after witnessing an elderly lady struggle to keep up.

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News that staff in Australia adjusted the speed they scan groceries based on each individual shopper.

“Our employees will review and adjust their scan speed based on how quickly or slowly each customer packs their shopping,” the spokesperson said.

While previously stating they had little intention on doing so, Yahoo News Australia broke the news the supermarket was trialling self-service checkouts in 10 stores in Australia from June, offering those who do not enjoy the speed of Aldi's cashiers to do it themselves.

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