IT workers shocked to find the cause of strange sound coming from computer

Employees at an IT store in a Queensland shopping centre were shocked to find a croaking creature inside a customer’s computer which was in for repair.

The workers were sorting through devices which had been needing further investigation before being fixed, when they heard some movement coming from one PC.

Luckily, they opened the machine, as a green frog had taken up residence inside.

The frog was inside a computer in a store at a Queensland shopping centre. Source: King IT/ Facebook

The store, King IT in Bundaberg shared some images of their new friend on Facebook, joking: “A customer came in with their PC making weird ‘croaking noises'”.

“A couple of the boys were a bit startled,” Connor Thompson from King IT Bundaberg said.

“I’ve seen a fair few dead insects, or geckos [inside] – but never a living green tree frog,” he added.

Mr Thompson said the computer had been in the shop for a few days so the amphibian must have been having a “good feed” in its hiding spot.

Workers were startled when they made the discovery. Source: King IT/ Facecbook

He believes the frog was inside when the customer dropped the device off.

The animal was removed safely, before it was taken outside the shopping centre and set free.