Amazing 'pollen bomb' captured on video

A “pollen bomb” has been captured on video, showing the amazing moment a tree exploded with the powdery allergen.

Jennifer Henderson, from New Jersey, filmed her husband as he drove a digger into the trunk of the tree to set the pollen loose.

“When my husband said the pollen’s bad, I probably should’ve taken his word for it. Crazy!” she said on the video posted to social media.

Ms Henderson told WNEP-TV her husband noticed the build-up of pollen on the tree when he was clearing a bush.

A ‘pollen bomb’ explodes from tree. Source: Facebook/Jennifer Henderson

A pollen expert from the Queensland University of Technology, Associate Professor Janet Davies, said the video showed a large release of juniper pollen from the juniper tree that is in flower in the US at the moment.

According to, people in New Jersey have been bracing for a pollen plague as temperatures started to rise.

Last month allergy specialist Donald Dvorin said he expected a forceful wave of pollen.

“We are beyond the usual time – very odd this year,” he told

“But (we’re) getting ready for an increase in temperature – which is crucial for trees in pollination.”

Before and after the ‘pollen bomb’ at a home in New Jersey. Source: Facebook/Jennifer Hendersen

He said pollen counts in New Jersey would also be higher than normal this year due to the high level of moisture.

Tree pollen often emerges in early and late spring and on occasion in late winter.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America said six million children and 20 million adults across the US suffered from allergic reactions to pollen from trees, grasses and weeds.