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Woolworths worker's birthday gift for little girl in delivery order

A mother has discovered a pleasant surprise while unpacking her Woolworths delivery order.

Jo and her family from NSW’s Central Coast were self-isolating after waiting for coronavirus testing results and decided to place an order for some groceries.

When the delivery arrived on Friday, Jo discovered a handwritten note inside from her Woolworths shopper with a sweet message.

“Happy Birthday, Love your shopper,” the simple note read.

A NSW girl named Bella holds up the birthday message (left) she received from a Woolworths staff member who packed her family's online delivery. Pictured right is a Woolworths-branded basket filled with groceries.
The mother was so taken back by the anonymous message that she wrote to Woolworths on Facebook to thank staff for going “above and beyond”. Source: Facebook/Getty Images.

Jo told the order contained a few birthday treats for her daughter, Bella, so the shopper must have put two-and-two together and realised it was somebody’s birthday while preparing the order.

The mother was so touched by the anonymous message she wrote on the Woolworths’ Facebook page to thank staff for going “above and beyond”.

“It's our little girl's 6th birthday tomorrow and we had an online order arrive today with some party treats. Our shopper went above and beyond leaving this little note in with our shopping! Thank you Woolworths,” Jo wrote.

Jo shared her daughter’s happiness with a photo of Bella holding the note, with a huge grin on her face.

“It was such a thoughtful thing for the Woolworths team member to do. Bought some smiles to our household,” Jo told Yahoo News Australia.

A Woolworths representative responded to the message and said they were “delighted” to see the effort put in to the delivery.

“It's great to hear the efforts of our team and going above and beyond to ensure they're providing the high level of service that's expected! Compliments like this give us great motivation to provide even better customer experience,” the representative wrote.

Jo also told Yahoo News Australia the family had tested negative to COVID-19, “just in time to celebrate Bella’s birthday”.

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