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'I miss her very much': Child's adorable gesture for postman

A young child who is missing their grandmother during the coronavirus pandemic has left a thoughtful gift for the postman, who has been helping the two stay in touch.

The pandemic has forced everyone to communicate in different ways to abide by social distancing rules and protect those who are vulnerable. One Australian child has been doing it the old fashioned way by sending his beloved grandmother letters – and they wanted to thank the postman for making it all possible.

Australia Post shared the picture of the handwritten sign which was left on the gate of the Brighton home, along with some treats.

“Dear Postman,” the sign says.

“These lollies are for you. I want to say ‘thank you’ for delivering all my letters to my Grammie.

“My Grammie lives in Queensland and I miss her very much.”

A picture of the sign hanging on the front gate.
A child has left a sweet note for the postman, along with a bag of lollies, to say thank you. Source: Facebook/Australia Post

Hanging from the sign is a bag of Allen’s Freckles, with Australia Post revealing the sign and treats were left for the postie on Tuesday morning.

“We’d like to #ThankAPostie to all our posties across Australia for helping families stay #connected,” Australia Post wrote on Facebook.

People also loved the child’s lovely gesture, with some branding it “cute” and “thoughtful”.

“Aww that's so cute,” one woman said.

“Thank you, for all the work that you do, Australia Post.”

“Beautiful, so considerate,” another said.

People were also expressing their appreciation for the posties who deliver to them. One person said their posties were “fabulous” having lived in the same place for over 20 years.

Another said every Christmas their father gives the postie a drink to say thank you.

In the comments, a postie from Perth said he loved his job and has been able to build relationships with customers on his rounds in the past few years.

“Some I chat to almost everyday,” he said.

On Facebook people were expressing their appreciation for the posties. Source: AAP
On Facebook people were expressing their appreciation for the posties. Source: AAP

“People leave me notes on the letterbox, give me Christmas cards, even offer me something to drink.

“When my customers found out my son was born I received teddy's, coat blankets and cards. I think I have one of the best jobs.”

Thank you payments for Australia Post staff

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on Australia Post. The lockdowns saw a surge in online deliveries, upwards of 90 per cent compared to last year on some days.

The postal service also partnered with Woolworths and The Pharmacy Guild to ensure vulnerable members of the community had access to essentials without having to compromise their health.

While many started working from home, this wasn’t an option for Australia Post employees, so the company has announced 33,000 Australia Post team members will receive ‘thank you’ payments this week.

“Posties, parcel delivery partners, parcel and mail processing staff, call centre workers among those recognised with an average payment of $600,” Australia Post said in a media statement.

“Post Office licensees, who continued to provide critical services during the pandemic and delivery drivers will also be recognised.”

Australia Post has announced 'thank you' payments for team members across the country. Source: AAP
Australia Post has announced 'thank you' payments for team members across the country. Source: AAP

Christine Holgate, the Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director said it was important to thank the team members who keep businesses running and worked tirelessly amid the pandemic.

“Australia Post has not closed for a single day during COVID-19,” Ms Holgate said.

“This has only been possible due to our hardworking posties, Post Office workers, parcel and mail processing staff, parcel delivery partners, call centre staff and our teams across the country.”

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