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Woman's incredible gift to busker who needed to pay mum's rent

Lexy Kadey from Nashville, Tennessee, has gone viral on video sharing platform TikTok for a very an unusual reason; she doesn’t dance, sing or pull pranks - she simply asks her followers to donate their spare change.

What she does with that spare change is making a huge difference for people she gives it to.

Lexy, also known as ‘The Serial Tipper’, starts off every Monday by asking her following of more than 820,000 people to send her 50 cents.

By Friday at noon she adds it up and find someone worthy of the cash.

The first attempt was in May to tip a server when she went out for her birthday and Lexi raised over $1500 for the tip.

Lexy Kadey the serial tipper from TikTok
Lexy Kadey collects 50 cents from her followers each weeks and uses it to surprise servers, buskers and waiters with huge tips. Source: TikTok/Lexy Kadey

Lexy’s followers loved the idea so much that they demanded she repeat the process and started suggesting ways she could use the funds.

Now up to round 36 of her tip challenge, Lexy has raised over $60,000 and left huge tips for fast food workers, baristas and one that especially caught the attention of the media, for a busker who was trying to pay his mum’s rent.

On August 9, Lexy was at her local Target when she spotted a man named Kevin playing the violin with a sign that read: “Need to help my mum with rent. God bless”.

“Hey, how close do you think you are to your mum’s rent?” Lexy asked Kevin.

“My mum’s rent is like $600, and I have like $175,” the musician shyly replied.

“So if I gave you $1000, that would cover it?” Lexy asked.

The stunned musician stopped playing his instrument and said: “Excuse me?”

After explaining the tip challenge, Lexy handed Kevin $1000, leaving him momentarily speechless.

“Can I please give you a hug?” he finally said, before the two embraced.

“This is not real.”

In her latest challenge, Lexy was lost for words herself when she saw her followers had raised over $3,200 in just one week and is now taking suggestions on who should get her next big tip.

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