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Poster outside Woolworths store in Adelaide teases new collectables craze

Supermarket customers look set to be thrust into the madness of collectable items once again with Coles and Woolworths teasing upcoming respective launches.

Excitement from keen collectors has begun building on social media following rumours both retail giants planned to launch collectable promotions in July.

A photo of a poster with a large paw print inside a Woolworths store in Adelaide, sparked speculation over what the supermarket could have in store for its shoppers.

In a post to a collectables Facebook group, a woman shared a photo of the huge poster announcing there would be a new collection launching on July 17.

Photo of a promotional poster inside a Woolworths Lion King store in Adelaide, South Australia.
A shopper shared a photo of a poster teasing a new Woolworths Lion King promotion. Source: Facebook

Fans of Woolworths’ Disney-branded collectable character tiles expressed their excitement in comments, as some took a guess at the new promotion’s theme.

“I would say something to do with The Lion King, not sure if it’s tiles/cards or what at this stage,” someone suggested.

“Showed my mum and she thinks it might be Lion King,” another person said.

Woolworths made the tiles out of recyclable tin plated steel and paper in the retailer’s effort to avoid similar criticism to its biggest competitor.

In March, Coles was called out for “mass-producing waste” after one of its Stikeez figurines washed up on Hamilton Island – 34 kilometres from the nearest supermarket.

Coles seems about to launch a new marketing campaign with rumours suggesting a new spin on its massively popular Little Shop promotion.

Insiders reportedly tipped off New Idea Food with the news, with one person claiming its launch date would be some time at the end of July, according to 7 News.

Coles plastic controversy continues

The supermarket’s latest Stikeez promotion, which involves customers collecting plastic figurines with suction cups, was widely criticised for its heavy use of plastic.

Photo of promotions run by Coles and Woolworths as new collectables are set to return.
Coles ran a Stickeez promotion and Woolworths competed with Disney-themed collectable tiles. Source: Coles/Woolworths

Its Little Shop promotion was slammed for the same reason, it ended up being so successful that Woolworths blamed it for putting a dent in sales.

Woolworths’ past successful collectables include Domino Stars in 2015, World Explorers in 2016 and Marvel Heroes Super Discs in 2017.

A spokesperson for the supermarket confirmed to Yahoo News Australia it was preparing to launch a Lion King themed promotion.

“Like most of Australia, here at Woolworths, we are very excited for the launch of The Lion King, and are gearing up to celebrate with our customers in a cute, yet equally majestic way. More will be revealed in the coming weeks,” a statement read.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Coles for confirmation on its speculated upcoming launch.

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