Woolworths employee shocks grieving widow: 'Amazing'

A Woolies shopper has shared the incredibly touching moment an employee went above and beyond to "brighten her day" after she recently and unexpectedly lost her husband.

After visiting Karingal Woolworths, the Victorian shopper said she was approached by a staff member as usual, but what happened next completely floored her.

“This lovely lady asked me how my day was and unfortunately I had to tell her it wasn’t the best,” she wrote on the Woolworths Facebook page.

“I explained that my husband had a few weeks ago unexpectedly passed away leaving me as a single mum to five young children who are special needs and 2 older bonus sons.”

Exterior view of Woolies Miranda supermarket
The customer took the time to acknowledge the Woolies employee's kind words and compassion during her recent visit to the Victorian store. Source: Getty Images

The customer revealed that since her husband's passing she has been living in a “fog…existing, not living” but her chance encounter with the Woolies staff member actually brightened her day.

She says the staff member named Andrea not only listened to her but the staffer's compassion and kindness really made her smile.

“This amazing person listened to me and when I went to apologise she wouldn’t let me and told me that if opening up to her helps then she was more than happy to listen,” the shopper shared.

“This lady, this AMAZING person brightened up my day and those moments I spent with her I actually smiled. Thank you.”

And her kindness didn’t stop there. Andrea also told her to come over and say "Hi" anytime she is in the store and wants to chat with someone.

Woolworths responds

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that Andrea was presented with a gift for her kind-hearted gesture.

"We try to bring a little good to our customers every day and we're glad to see Andrea has made this customer’s shopping experience extra special," the spokesperson said.

"It's team members like Andrea that bring the community together and to show recognition of her efforts, the Karingal team presented her with flowers this afternoon.

"We thank the customer for reaching out and sharing her heart-warming experience."

Shoppers at self-serve registers inside Woolworths' York Metro Store
Woolworths says its employees try to bring a little good to customers every day. Source: Getty Images

Good deeds go a long way

A Western Australia customer was also stunned by the kindness of the store manager at her local Victoria Park store recently.

Carly Portch took to TikTok to explain the incredible lengths to which a staff member went to deliver her some pots and pans after she recently moved to the state and was confined to her home in self-isolation.

When her online order didn't arrive, the staff member sprang into action and hand-delivered the items herself.

“Woolies staffer Mansi said to me ‘you know what, don’t worry about it, we will get you some pots and pans’,” Carly said in her video.

Side-by-side image featuring stills from a TikTok video. Left: Carly Portch in purple shirt, with hand on heart. Right: Woolworths employee Mansi in hi-vis coat and mask
“How lucky you are Woolworths to have such a beautiful person working for you,” Carly said of Mansi, store manager at the Victoria Park Woolworths in Western Australia.

“That in itself was beyond touching. But on top of that, she rocked up [to my place] with a beautiful handwritten note and some flowers.

“I do not know this lovely lady. I am a stranger and this has just meant the world to me... what a beautiful person you are Mansi.”

Woolworths head office also praised their staff member Mansi following her incredible customer service.

"We try to bring a little good to our customers every day and we're glad to see Mansi has taken such wonderful initiative," Woolworths Group Manager, David Lannary told Yahoo News Australia.

"From handwritten notes to flowers or a box of chocolates, we love to see our teams go above and beyond for our customers to make their shopping experience extra special.”

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