Woolworths customer amazed by staffer's 'beautiful' act

A Woolworths shopper has been completely “blown away” by an incredible act of kindness from a staff member at her local store in Western Australia.

Carly Portch, who goes by the TikTok name carlyztiktok, posted a short video expressing her heartfelt gratitude to an exceedingly kind Woolworths’ worker.

She started by saying her video was a message to Woolworths Head Office before explaining how Mansi, the Victoria Park Woolworths store manager in Western Australia, went above and beyond to help her.

“You have one of the most amazing employees ever,” she started her video.

Exterior view of a Woolworths supermarket
A woolworths staff member has overwhelmed a customer with her act of kindness. Source: Getty Images

Carly, a radio host who recently moved to Western Australia, explained she was currently self-isolating in a semi-empty house and her furniture had been delayed.

“I’ve pretty much been living off take away and I was desperate for a home-cooked meal, so I order some pots and pans [from Woolworths].

“And yesterday, when my online order arrived, the pots and pans weren't there.”

After contacting her local Woolworths to find out what happened, Carly was told by Mansi the pots and pans were coming from another store.

She suggested Carly pick up other pots and pans they had available in store, but Carly explained she was self-quarantining.

An incredible act of kindness

What happened next completely blew Carly away.

“That’s when Woolies staffer Mansi said to me ‘you know what, don’t worry about it, we will get you some pots and pans’,” Carly continued.

“That in itself was beyond touching. But on top of that, she rocked up [to my place] with a beautiful handwritten note and some flowers.

Still image of TikTok video showing Woolworths customer Carly portch and Woolworths staff member Mansi
“How lucky you are Woolworths to have such a beautiful person working for you,” Carly said of Mansi, store manager at the Victoria Park Woolworths in Western Australia. Source: TikTok

“I do not know this lovely lady. I am a stranger and this has just meant the world to me... what a beautiful person you are Mansi.”

Carly pledged to pay the kindness forward to others after feeling “beyond touched” by the employee's kind act.

Employee overwhelmed by recognition

Mansi told Yahoo News Australia she was "overwhelmed" by the TikTok video which recognised her heartfelt efforts.

She said when she heard of Carly's situation she "immediately wanted to help".

"Our Online Manager brought the situation to my attention on Monday, so I reached out to the customer and could tell she was quite distressed having to be in quarantine and not having access to the essentials she needed," she said.

Mansi, who is in her first official week as Store Manager, says when she arrived at Carly's house with kitchen supplies she could use right away, Carly was "ecstatic."

Woolworths staff member Mansi in a still from Carly Portch's TikTok video. Text on screen reads:
Mansi said she "wanted to help" as soon as she heard of Carly's situation. Source: TikTok

"I wrote a letter to say we're sorry for the inconvenience and to thank her for her patience. I added the flowers as a nice gesture as I understand how difficult it can be to quarantine at home, so I thought they would brighten up her day," Mansi continued.

"When my friends sent the TikTok video to me, I was quite overwhelmed and it was sweet of her to share.

"It was a small act of kindness that I could do for the customer. I am glad we were able to help."

'What a beautiful soul'

Carly’s TikTok followers were equally as taken aback by Mansi’s kindness.

They quickly jumped on board to make sure Mansi was noticed by the supermarket giant, tagging the official Woolworths TikTok page on the appreciation video several times.

"We need more Mansi’s in the world,” one of Carly’s followers commented. While another added: “This is just gorgeous! I hope that Mansi is so appreciated by Woolies."

Their efforts worked, with Woolworths Group Manager, David Lannary, acknowledging Mansi for her kindness.

"We try to bring a little good to our customers every day and we're glad to see Mansi has taken such wonderful initiative," he told Yahoo News Australia.

"From handwritten notes to flowers or a box of chocolates, we love to see our teams go above and beyond for our customers to make their shopping experience extra special.

"We’re glad to see this customer enjoyed the hand-written note, flowers and cooking utensils and we’ll be sure to thank Mansi and the Victoria Park team this week."

Shoppers show staff kindness too

It's not just Woolies employees showing kindness to shoppers. Customers are expressing their gratitude to staff too.

In a separate social media post an employee shared a sweet message sent by a customer along with their online order.

Note left for Woolworths staff member. Text on screen reads:
Supermarket staff and customers alike are sharing kind gestures between each other. Source: Facebook.

"To the person choosing my groceries, please keep these chocolates and share them with other staff," it read.

"They are my small gift to you. I really appreciate your work during this insane time."

The employee said she and her co-workers always appreciate such heartfelt gestures from customers.

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