Woolworths reveals hacks for saving money on your next shop

Woolworths has shared simple bargain hunting tips in a new TikTok, as customer complaints about supermarket price rises flood social media.

The grocery giant’s video, which was posted this morning, explains that finding cut-price items is still possible.

“Get bang for your buck at Woolworths,” the video tells the supermarket chain's 71,000 TikTok followers.

“Don’t sleep on our end of aisle bays, they’re loaded with specials.”

Woolworths TikTok showing in-store bargain locations.
Woolworths has revealed simple tips for finding cut-price items, hinting that more bargain hacks are coming. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

The 15-second clip also teaches viewers how to easily spot product markdowns in store.

“And if you like scoring bargains, make friends with these yellow-stickered items,” a voiceover says.

The video received over 6,000 views within an hour of being posted on TikTok.

TikTok users react to bargain-hunting hacks

The clip, which is part one of a series of money-saving tips, has generated hundreds of likes and several user comments.

“I love Woolworths so much,” commented one TikTok user.

“We love you too!” Woolworths replied.

A second user mentioned a relatable customer experience.

“Step 1, head in for a bottle of soft drink. Step 2, magically walk out with five packs of gum, a Monster drink, some chips, and some Haribos,” they wrote.

“It’s too hard to avoid the snacks!” Woolworths responded.

Money-saving tips follow complaints over inflated prices

Woolies' latest TikTok upload follows complaints from customers that the grocery giant unfairly raised the prices of soft drinks and other items overnight.

Coca-Cola products with price tags showing a price rise.
One Woolworths customer shared these images to a popular Facebook group, highlighting the recent increase in soft drink prices. Source: Facebook

A Woolworths spokesperson responded to the claims of price gouging, telling Yahoo News that the increased costs are a result of rising wholesale costs.

“In response to a wholesale cost increase from the supplier, we've updated our retail prices,” said the spokesperson.

“We understand that every dollar counts and never take the decision to increase prices lightly.

“We'll continue to work closely with our suppliers to offer value and competitive prices across our customers’ shops.”

New TikTok sparks familiar product debate

Meanwhile, Woolworths’ newest TikTok has reignited an old argument in the comments section, with one user voicing his expectations for the release of seasonal products.

“We need you to set some rules,” he said. “Hot cross buns and Easter eggs in March and April, Halloween stuff in October, and Christmas stuff from mid-November.”

Supermarket shoppers have long clashed over the early release of seasonal products, with no end to the debate in sight.

“We want hot cross buns all year, mind your own business,” one TikTok user jokingly replied.

Hot cross buns on a plate against white background. Source: Getty Images
Marketing experts have called early seasonal releases such as hot cross buns "normal" and "common." Source: Getty Images

Woolworths says demand for hot cross buns not restricted to Easter

A Woolworths spokesperson has previously confirmed with Yahoo News that hot cross buns are a top seller in stores immediately after the Christmas period.

“Hot cross buns always quickly hop off the shelves once on sale, in fact we traditionally sell more than 3 million hot cross buns in the first week alone and nearly 17 million by the end of January,” they said.

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