Woolworths shopper stunned by goodwill gesture: 'Made my week'

A Woolworths shopper has proven doing the right thing comes with great reward — in this case, literally in the form of an extra 1000 Everyday Rewards points.

Joanna Palmer was recently shopping for groceries at her local north Queensland store when she had a mishap in the check-out line.

"My clumsy a** dropped my carton of eggs in the check-out line today at Woolworths," Ms Palmer wrote in a post to Facebook. "One egg broke and went on the floor."

Joanna Palmer receipt showing the extra 1000 Woolworths Everyday Rewards points.
Joanna Palmer was stunned with the extra Woolworths Everyday Rewards points. Source: Facebook

Rewarded for offering to clean up the spill

Wanting to help the situation, Ms Palmer asked one of the supermarket's employees for paper towels to help clean up the mess.

"The staff member insisted on doing it for me," she recounted.

"They asked if I wanted a new carton of eggs [and] I told them no it's okay I'll take the carton I dropped."

Prepared to take the smashed carton, Ms Palmer wasn't expecting the manager on duty to give her an extra 1000 bonus reward points as a gesture of goodwill "for being such a nice person and attempting to clean up".

Woolworths shopper stunned by gesture

Ms Palmer told Yahoo News Australia when the supervisor said she was giving her the bonus points, she questioned her about it.

"I was only cleaning up the egg because I dropped it right where everyone was going to be walking and didn't want someone to slip," she explained. "I was quite taken back at this nice gesture."

Ms Palmer said she hadn't heard of gesture of goodwill points before, but many other Woolies shoppers shared their own stories on her Facebook post, which has been liked over 5500 times.

A Woolworths store.
The manager on duty at the Queensland Woolworths store gave Ms Palmer an extra 1000 points. Source: AAP

"I have had that done before to me also, I offered to wait around to help walk an elderly lady to her car and to put her heavy groceries in the car, so added this my rewards card as well," one woman wrote.

"They give these away randomly, I got them a few months ago," another said.

Ms Palmer said it's "something to look out for".

"It just goes to show it doesn't take much to be a decent person. It really made my week."

According to Woolworths, customers are rewarded with bonus points from time to time and it's based on the discretion of the store teams.

According to the store's website, shoppers can choose to convert 2000 Everyday Rewards points to 1000 Qantas Points or get $10 off a future shop.

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