Woolworths slammed over staffer’s risky trolley act: 'Ever wondered?'

A shopper has slammed Woolworths after witnessing a careless act by a staff member in the store's car park.

The disappointed shopper shared a video to the Woolworths Facebook page, showing the incident he witnessed while entering the car park at the supermarket’s Gungahlin store in Canberra.

“If you ever wonder why you have scratches on your car after going to the supermarket,” wrote the disgruntled shopper in his post.

Woolworths staffers push empty trolleys outside supermarket
A shopper has slammed Woolworths over poor trolley practices. Source: Getty

In the video, which was taken from the driver’s car dash cam, a Woolies staff member is observed pushing several metal trolleys between two parked cars.

The employee, who is not wearing a face mask, abruptly stops in his tracks, when the driver pulls into the car spot in front of him.

However, the Woolies employee proceeds to navigate the shopping trolleys between the parked cars once the man’s vehicle stops moving and walks out of the frame.

Shopper alleges Woolworths staffer argued it ‘takes too long to go around’

“Well, they think this is okay and is normal practice... This bloke even argued that it takes too long to go around,” added the shopper.

Although the Woolworths staffer is not witnessed scratching either car with the trolleys in the video, the shopper seems to believe that it is a risky practice and should be avoided.

He also alleged that when confronted, the Woolworths employee told him he had pushed the trolleys between the cars to save time.

Woolworths trolleys lined up in the supermarket car park
The Woolworths staff member allegedly told the customer that it "takes too long to go around" with the trolleys. Source: AAP

The video has been viewed over 200 times by Woolworths shoppers, with several customers sharing the man's frustration in the comments.

“One of these persons hit the front guard of my car, but didn't say anything. My car has a nice triangle dint from trolleys,” wrote one annoyed shopper.

While another alleged the Woolworths staffer in the video should be fired for his carelessness: “That bloke needs to be fired and anyone else who does the same.”

Woolworths 'disappointed' staffer didn't follow safety procedures

A Woolworths representative quickly responded to the the shopper's concerning video on Facebook, saying they were "disappointed" the team member didn't follow the correct safety procedures.

"We ask our team to follow the safest route back to the store when collecting trolleys. We’re disappointed to see that it wasn’t the case on this occasion," said the representative.

"We’ve passed your feedback on to the store team where the correct procedures will be reiterated."

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