Woolworths shoppers make bizarre discovery inside tin of tomatoes

Several Woolworths shoppers have been left stunned after finding a very unexpected surprise inside their tins of tomatoes.

Sharing their strange finds on social media, four separate customers found something very wrong with their cans.

One Victorian shopper took straight to the Woolworths Facebook page to let the supermarket giant know of the unusual find.

“I opened this tin of "tomatoes" I purchased from Woolworths Oakleigh today and look what was inside!!” The shopper wrote.

Alongside her post was a picture of a tin of Ardmona branded crushed tomatoes, however inside was a Two-Fruits mix instead.

Woolies tomato mix up
Strangely enough, the tin contained mixed tinned fruit instead of crushed tomatoes. Source: Facebook

Woolworths quickly responded to her strange find saying they’d be raising the issue directly with the supplier.

“We're sorry to see what you've found in the tin of Tomatoes and apologise for any inconvenience caused,” the Woolworths representative said.

“We'd like to raise this issue with our supplier but do need to grab a few more details.”

The shopper was asked to supply the exact product name, store of purchase, expiry date and batch details.

Exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown
The shopper purcashed the odd can of tomatoes from the Woolworths Oakleigh store in Victoria. Source: Getty Images.

Social media pokes fun at error

But the Victorian shopper wasn't the only one to make the “funny” discovery.

Two other Woolies shoppers also posted about the weird mix-up on Twitter.

"This is not crushed tomatoes? Not sure what is going on with Ardmona but some basic QA [quality assurance] is needed,” one shopper said.

A second Twitter user also shared a picture of their tin saying, "Is there something odd here?"

A third shopper also posted a video to her TikTok account @amiegoodsonnnn showing she'd experienced exactly the same.

Her video showed an opened can of "crushed tomatoes" filled with fruit with the caption: “Thanks Woolies”.

Hilarious comments across both posts quickly ensued with fellow shoppers seeing the funny side of the mix-up.

Woolies tomato mix up
Several customers made the discovery in what appears to be a factory mix-up. Source: TikTok/@amiegoodsonnnn.

“Well, tomato is a fruit,” one person joked, while another added: “That’s dessert sorted.”

The popular brand of 100 percent Australian grown tomatoes is sold in both Woolworths and Coles stores.

Fruit packing company confirms mix up

After multiple customers made the unusual discovery, CEO of fruit packing specialists SPC Robert Giles has confirmed there was a "mispackaging" mix-up.

“We have been made aware that some SPC Two Fruits have been mispackaged as Ardmona Crushed Vine Ripened Tomatoes,” Mr Giles said in a statement.

“This has affected a small number of products and we apologise to all our customers for this error.”

He went on to say that all affected customers should contact the SPC customer service team to receive a "full refund."

SPC Ardmona is an Australian company, owned by Coca Cola Amatil, processing and canning fruit and vegetables, mainly at its Shepparton plant.
"At SPC, we prioritise delivering the highest quality Australian-made goods," SPC CEO Robert Giles said following the mix-up. Source: Getty Images.

It's happened before

This isn't the first time there’s been a factory mishap with a tin of tomatoes.

Back in August, Melbourne shopper Shell McKenzie told Yahoo News Australia that she was left baffled after opening a tin of tomatoes that was full of plain water.

Shell said she had purchased the Woolworths Essentials brand diced Italian tomatoes as part of her online order.

Instead of getting a tin of tomatoes, a woolies customer oddly received a tin full of water. Source: Facebook
Instead of getting a tin of tomatoes, a woolies customer oddly received a tin full of water. Source: Facebook

She reached out to Woolworths to supply them with the details adding that she had purchased multiple cans, but only one contained water.

"I spoke with them on the phone and they were shocked and offered a refund and a $10 goodwill credit," she said.

"They have no idea how it happened."

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