Woolworths hack ensures you’ll never forget your bags again

We’ve all finished our groceries and gotten to the checkout only to realise that we’ve left our bags in the car.

But, a popular TikTok hack is helping Woolworths shoppers avoid the forgotten bag frustration. And, all you need is your mobile phone.

Grocery giant Woolworths recently posted a 22-second video to their TikTok channel, featuring TikTok star Liam Kirley.

“Here are three reusable bag hacks,” he tells Woolworths’ 70,900 TikTok followers.

“If you’re like me and forget your bags, you can set a reminder through the Woolworths app,” he says.

“It will tell you when you arrive at the store to get your bags.”

Smart phone open on the Woolworths app notification screen. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au
To fully take advantage of the hack, app users must have their location and notifications turned on in their general phone settings. Source: TikTok/@woolworths_au

Video footage shows Liam setting the reminder on his phone by clicking the Notifications icon on the Woolworths app’s Menu screen, and turning on the Remind Me Near Store option.

Once the reminder is activated, app users are given the option to set their local store location in the Notifications screen to activate the reminders.

When the user’s phone is recognised to be close to their local store, they’ll receive a notification reminding them to get their bags.

Two more ‘convenient’ bag hacks revealed

The TikTok, which has already earned 54,900 views, also features two more hacks for Woolworths customers.

“There’s also these convenient hooks on the trolleys to hang your reusable bags while you shop,” Liam says, showing customers that they can store their bags on the hook to maximise trolley space.

The third hack shows Liam folding a Bag for Good over the hard plastic bottom liner.

“And finally, if you fold your reusable bags like this, you’ll get a longer life out of them,” he says.

Woolworths customers have reacted enthusiastically to the grocery giant’s newest TikTok in the comments section.

“Liam, what would we do without you?” one TikTok user said.

“Too bad I always forget and leave my bags at home,” joked another.

TikTok users share their own bag hacks in comments

Other TikTok users have also taken to the comments section to reveal their own reusable bag hacks in the comments section.

“Another hack - if you forget to scan your bags you can press reusable bags on the screen and it will automatically be added to the bill on self serve,” commented one user.

“They’re washable, please wash them!” said another.

A shopper selects items inside a plastic bag-free Woolworths supermarket. Source: Reuters
Woolworths removed single use plastic bags in 2018. Source: Reuters.

“What about telling people you can get your bag replaced for free?,” wrote a third.

Woolworths’ website confirms that damaged or broken Bag for Good bags are available for a free exchange at any time.

“Simply bring your damaged bag to the Customer Service desk in any of our stores and we’ll swap it for a new one.”

“We’ll even recycle your old one so it can keep doing good,” they said.

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