Woman's 'miracle' after horrific road rage attack: 'Scene from a horror movie'

The woman's husband said he could 'feel a lot of blood' with doctors 'amazed' she pulled through.

 Damariz with her husband, Marco Antônio de Souza.
Damariz and her husband, Marco Antônio de Souza, were involved in a road rage attack. Source: Jam Press

A woman has miraculously survived being shot in the head during a horrific road rage attack which resulted in a bullet being lodged in her scalp, narrowly missing her brain.

The woman was in the car with her husband, who was driving, and their young son when they claim an impatient motorist overtook them and began braking in front of their vehicle.

During a heated exchange, Damariz Magalhães Chastinet Pinho was allegedly shot in the head by the angry motorist.

"I felt a blow to my head and immediately thought it was a gunshot," said the mother. "I told my husband, but he didn't believe me as I was conscious the whole time."

'A lot of blood' pouring from woman's head

Pinho's husband, Marco Antônio de Souza, said he rolled down the window of the car and yelled: "Are you crazy?" It was only when they drove away that he "felt the impact of the shot".

"When I put my hand on her head, I could feel a lot of blood coming out, but I didn’t say anything to her," he said. "It looked like a scene from a horror movie."

(Left) The X-ray scan showing the bullet lodged in Damariz’s scalp. (Right) The bullet hole in the car’s window.
An X-ray scan showed the bullet had lodged in Damariz’s scalp. Source: Jam Press

Everyone 'amazed' by X-ray showing bullet in woman's head

The incident occurred on a highway in Brazil Last Friday evening. An X-ray scan shows the bullet lodged in the woman’s scalp, while an image shows a bullet hole in the car’s window.

"After the X-ray, everyone was amazed. It was truly a miracle," Pinho said. "The bullet was in my head, but it didn’t [pierce] my skull.”

The mum underwent an operation and has since returned home, as reported by Need to Know. She said she was scared at the time, especially for her young son who was in the car, but is grateful to be alive.

The alleged attack has been reported to the police. At the time of writing, the shooter has not yet been identified.

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