Heartbreaking detail spotted in Melbourne road rage fight: 'Disgraceful'

A road rage incident in Melbourne's outer suburbs has stunned onlookers as video capturing the wild scenes shows a child get involved.

In a video shared on Reddit, cars are stopped at an intersection in Heidelberg, about 11km northeast of the city's CBD, on Sunday. The footage shows an angry woman jumping out of her car before launching an attack on another vehicle.

The incident occurred at the corner of Banksia Street and Lower Heidelberg Raod, according to a witness who filmed the incident. She missed what happened before she started filming but said "the woman was leaning out her window and yelling at the man for a good while".

Melbourne road rage incident.
Onlookers were shocked to see a child jump out to defend the woman after she kicked another man's car in a road rage incident in Melbourne. Source: Reddit

The woman was filmed yelling at a driver who has pulled up beside her. She then proceeds to kick his door. The bold move prompted the driver to get out of his car and walk around it to meet her, but suddenly a boy steps in.

The brave boy is seen exiting the woman's car as he stretches out his arm, putting himself between the male driver and the woman — believed to be his mum. The altercation between the two adults continues as the male prushes the woman aside to inspect the damage to his car. But the young boy continues to protect his mother by attempting to keep them both apart. Despite this, the woman continues to verbally abuse the male driver — seemingly unaware of her son's manoeuvres. She eventually jumps back in her car as traffic begins to clear.

People shocked: 'That poor kid'

The wild scenes shocked those who observed it online. Many agreed the young boy shouldn't have witnessed what he did, let alone felt the need to get involved.

"I feel so bad for this kid, I can't believe how fast he was to try and jump in and stop the fighting," one said. "He's way too young for this sort of thing. Heartbreaking."

"That poor kid. You can tell he was terrified yet he still jumped out to protect her," another person wrote.

"The real victim in this situation is the child. I feel so sorry for that poor kid. The fact that he felt the need to get out of the car and try to handle his mother and protect her at the same time is depressing and sad," a third agreed.

One person praised the young boy's bravery noting the man was "more than double his weight and height". Others criticised the woman's actions with one calling it "f**king disgraceful". Some said the man "showed some considerable restraint" until she booted his car.

The witness who filmed the incident said they reported it to Crime Stoppers however when contacted by Yahoo News Australia, Victoria Police appeared to know nothing of the incident.

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